Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Local Color

It was Day One of the dyeing workshop and we got right into intense primaries, followed swiftly by secondary colors. Then we quickly jumped to Special Editions, and pleated platter dyeing. Our only problem was waiting to see the results today. (Patience!)
There was an awful lot of talking done by yours truly, enough to wear anyone out, including me. I will try and hold back today. Geesh.
This conference is really great, and as we know, the FOOD makes up a big part of the enjoyment of the event. To start the day, custom made omelets, fresh fruit for breakfast with oodles of cookies, just in case.  Then for lunch we had salads and salt encrusted baked potatoes with all the toppings. O my. As if that wasn't enough an afternoon snack was provided: hot wings and nachos. I couldn't even consider eating another thing the rest of the day.
At four pm. I tottered off to my room for a nap.
Evening programs are offered and last night we had a rep from Golden Paints in for a two hour demo and lecture on their gorgeous new acrylic paint products. Freebies included.
Linda-From-Lansing, one of my students, changed from dye clothes to this colorful outfit with the most fun bracelet made from foam shapes. I must make one!

This is totally dopey, but I find myself taking pictures of the hotel art. Here's a big triptich of waterlily pads.

The smaller images are part of a larger piece, but the compositions are kinda quilt-like, so I wanted to preserve them for future reference.


  1. OMG.....look at all those beautiful colors....what fun you all are having!
    I've just gotten into coffee dying...I need to catch up.
    Can't wait to see and hear more.
    Take care.

  2. We were talking at dinner how Kerrie did the same thing... taking photos of hotel art!

    It sounds wonderful, Melody! What a great conference. Is it good to be back... if even for a visit?

  3. I wish I was there, love following it thru you though!

  4. I take photos of hotel art, too. I am glad I am in good company.

  5. Melody,

    I took pictures of the same things when I was at Fabrications last year


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