Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Designing in my Sleep

Now that poncho #1 is finished and mailed off, I am thinking about poncho #2 for Eliz. I want to make something new and fun to knit, and have been browsing Ravelry looking for something challenging but not so much so that I must keep count or pay really close attention. After all, the new TV season has begun, and I do have my priorities.
Nothing in their vast archives has fit the bill, so when I went to sleep last night I set my mind on trying to come up with my own idea. I got no where and fell asleep. This morning as I drifted awake, I was dreaming that I was slogging through a salt lake, having just shown a couple the house I rehabbed in Elmwood Park, IL, (never happened in real life ) and then I came to consciousness.
I have my design!
How does that work?
I don't know and it doesn't matter, as long as it works. You know how I love modular knitting (miters) and my more recent fave the Baktus scarf, of which I have made many (why hasn't anyone requested a Baktus lately?) and so I combined the two components and came up with this poncho idea. A central panel of miters, knit first and then joined on either side with decreasing triangles of Baktus like garter stitch. GENIUS! Even if I do say so myself.
This could work with almost any yarn and for any size. And if a regular sleeve is preferred the sides could be made as a straight panel and sleeves knit out from the shoulder later.
So all I need now is to find out Eliz's preference for color, and then we will decide which of my stash yarns to use up.
In the meantime, I am happily knitting away on another Elizabeth's socks. Trekking XXL, needles size 1.5, cast on 60 sts.

PS. the yarn I photographed is now available online at Three Black Sheep. See this.


  1. I read an article in the 80's that was about problem solving in your sleep. It talked about how worrying prevents one from solving their problems. My mother and best friend were worriers to the tenth power and were sure if they worried enough they could solve their problems.

    The article said if you did some prep time before going to sleep it aided the subconscious to focus on the need. It said when you go to bed to get into a comfortable position and to take 10 deep breaths and really push all the air out before the next breath. Spend just enough time to define the problem and not to let your mind drift into thoughts of how to solve the problem. The next morning you need to pay attention to what your thoughts are.

    The article described how the subconscious part of our mind/brain is not controlled by logic and not influenced by emotions. In our awake state our emotions overwhelm are strong enough to shut out the subconscious.

    Now you have science to back up designing in your sleep.

  2. The photos look wonderful. What is the yarn in the cowl above?

  3. Hey Melody, You know that I dream and design in my sleep also. I am also a great visualizer. I see a quilt with all your beautiful hand dyed fabric using the exact same poncho pattern.


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