Friday, August 06, 2010

Three Black Sheep Preview

What more could a knitter want in a yarn shop? Lots of beautiful yarns and accessories, decor by IKEA (-; and free wi-fi. Chairs to sit and knit and patterns and books and lots of parking. Perfectomundo!

That's Diana the owner at the check out desk. And my knitting friend Judy will be working there too.

This is the 'classroom' where I WILL be teaching the Baby Surprise Jacket in September Dates TBA.
I got the full pattern from Diana yesterday and couldn't wait to start discovering the magical properties of Elizabeth Zimmerman's design.

I used a crochet cast on (160 stitches!!!) since I do know a tiny bit about the construction from making the doll sized version. I would have knit more but we lost power (7 hours!) in a super big thunderstorm and I had to quit working because of the dark.
The GREAT part for me is getting to use the most luxurious yarn for the project: Mochi Plus Merino in this gorgeous autumnal non-pastel-baby-colorway. It is machine washable. Amazing.

And these are adorable buttons.
Three Black Sheep's website:
Diana's knitting blog:
And her Ravelry Group:


  1. Wow I just want to dive into those beautiful color bins. The autumn year is beautiful. I usually don't like orange, but in this combination it's great.

  2. Looks like you've hit the jackpot with the opening of this dream yarn shop, Melody.

    Wi-Fi - I'll bring my netbook.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Thank YOU Melody for your lovely comments and fantastic photos. I am lucky to have you teaching at my shop!!
    Three Black Sheep

  4. I would love to have you teaching me the surprise jacket. I have started one, but never finished it.

  5. Melody, they should put this blog page in the local papers! What a wonderful review! The shop looks like the perfect gathering (as well as shopping!) spot! The best part is all the seating so you can sit and ponder all your possible purchases and chat about them. We had a couple of great shops in MN but they were so packed with yarn..not a bad thing...that there was no place to sit down and look around and come up with additional projects. I think she'll do very well!

  6. Thanks for the tour! What a super shop. Just one question. What is that heavenly striped garment? Beautiful. Zipping over to Three Black Sheep for look see.

  7. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Oh, if I only lived north of Atlanta, instead of south. It would make a great road trip. Janet


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