Thursday, August 12, 2010

Such a Deal

I was innocently browsing Ebay when I found this listing coming from England. I couldn't resist putting in a bid. I was the only bidder again. Imagine my surprise when I won the auction and only 4 days later I received 50 balls of size 8 Perle Cotton thread.
So what do I want these for? I use them to hand stitch my quilts, both for embroidery and hand quilting. I would say this is a lifetime supply.
Lately I have been using embroidery floss, but I prefer this thread as it is shinier and doesn't tangle as quickly.
Here in the states each ball costs from $1.60 on sale to $2.29 regular price. These cost $44.78 USD or less than $1 each.
Pretty cool.
So encouraged by this deal and the one for my RED Reeboks I went searching for more stuff.
What did I want?
What a strange thing to want no more stuff.
It may have something to do with things money can't buy. For example. Yesterday I brought in a few of my quilts to Three Black Sheep to audition them for the wall (just to add even MORE color, ha!) and my pals from knitting were there to see them revealed. They ooohed and ahhhhed and I felt just wonderful.
You can't buy stuff like that.

These two quilts, Matchstick Moons #2 and Matchstick Moons #1 were chosen to hang in the shoppe.
While I was there I got to shoot the Baby Surprise Jacket on the mannequin.

They grow up so fast!


  1. Melody, The 2 Matchstick Moon quilts are wonderful and to my mind are the absolute perfect choice to hang in a yarn shop. I bet you knew that when you chose them to audition there.
    I love the little jacket and hat too.

  2. M- what a great find. Love all the color, of course. It's always such a treat to stop by for a visit here in your part of the world. I have been so eyeing up your sweater and trying to figure out how to make one for an adult. Your fabrics and colors are always stunning here and boy do you have "The EyE".

    Off and running on another hot, steamie day here.


  3. I was thinking your "heat wave" quilt would have been a winner there! LOL! It sure would have created a lot of conversation. Love the thread! The sweater fits perfectly!!! So cute!

  4. Pammyfay10:17 AM

    Isn't that feeling of not needing things (OK, except maybe for gorgeous-colored thread!) at the moment terrific? That high you would have gotten from finding something else on ebay cannot compare with being showered with admiration for your artistic gifts! (And you know your "stranger" fans do our best to do that!)

    (Call me weird, but if I won that Perle cotton thread, I would be tempted to put them on the wall and place a lucite frame over them until I was ready to use them--they're just delicious to look at!)

  5. Melody, you have a fantastic talent! I am always happily amazed at what I find here. Thanks!

  6. What site are you looking at to find things like the threads? I go in and look on ebay and there isn't anything worth looking at or for....

  7. Patty, follow the link in purple in the first sentence to see the site where I got the threads.

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  9. Maybe in this case we could call it a "babyquin" instead of a "mannequin."

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