Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Easy Breezy

In the immortal words of K.C. and the Sunshine Band, "That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it". All done dyeing by noon and ready to roll everything out of the way into the corner.
The pleated fabric panels hold nine half-yards each and the flat fabric panels hold three half-yard pieces. 21 yards total for the platters and then I dyed six half-yards in plastic containers, bringing the total to 24 yards. Hey, but who's counting?

I love the pastels and need many more. These work as my 'lights' and this one platter is a little on the strong side, so lighter must be my aim for the future.
Note: I use three layers of cotton on these platters so the dye soaks in and doesn't run off the edge.
The fabric will sit here drying until I get back from knitting today. Then the wash out...or maybe I will save that for later. We'll see. But speaking of knitting, I had the afternoon to myself so I put up my feet and made this bag for my camera. (pattern is here.) It matches the purple patchwork bag I made earlier.


  1. Some wonderful fabric! i must have ago at dyeing some fabric different colours.

  2. Hi Melody--wow, I'm impressed at how much you got done so quickly! You are truly the master dyer...and love the bag, very organic.

  3. I would so love to be perched in a corner of your studio just watching! Beautiful!!!

  4. Wow! I could never put wet fabric that close to a finished quilt. I am such a messy dyer I would have everything everywhere. Dyeing for me next weekend.

  5. Fantastic Melody. You are a true color maven!

  6. Atie Holmes4:17 PM

    Thanks Melodie for the link to the little bag pattern even though I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it. Just happened to have 5 dp needles and some Noro.. Came out great. Can't stop at just one, back to knitting.


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