Friday, August 20, 2010

Shirt or jacket?

One of the reasons I like to make my own clothes is to use fabric that I love, and to wear garments that work for me. This is Amy Butler fabric which everyone is using for quilts, but I love it for clothes. Same with the Kaffe Fassett fabric in the previous post. With this shirt/jacket I have my pockets just where I need them and sleeves that actually are the correct length for my stubby arms. Satisfying. Now that I have settled on the pattern that fits I can sew a few more in a much shorter time frame. This one was made in just over three hours. By the way, it is my old Stretch and Sew pattern from 1988, number 175. I will get to the new patterns I just bought, I promise...


  1. Carol4:34 PM

    Hey, that's a sweet shirt, jacket, or whatever you want to call it. I am going through my quilt fabric stash right now to make shorts. Who says you have to use fabric any given way? I say let your imagination be your guide.

  2. Mechelle5:05 PM

    Ohhhh - love the green dots!

  3. I guess it's just not "me", which is why you're making them for you...LOL Sorry, but I think these fabrics would look better for what they were intended...quilts...MHO :)

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Quilt fabrics make the most beautiful blouses. This one is really fun.

  5. Alright, Melody, now I am turning green with envy.


    KF for clothes, WOW
    [oops, thunder is so close I pulled my power cord to me laptop and knocked over my pencil basket. Bending over to pick 'em up was no easy task. Just finished dinner.]

    As I was saying
    KF for clothes, WOW, now there's an idea I would love.


  6. I love the touch with the sleeve in the pocket! They are cute- I just bought some Philip Jacobs for pj bottoms.

  7. A couple years back I bought up a handful of different batiks and made little short skirts out of them with just a simple elastic top and short hem. I am usually in one or another of them all summer long, still, even though the fabrics are very tired now.

    I had a professor in art school that was always in kahki or olive or grey and I thought he was so dreary... until I met his artwork. It was vibrant and full of glorious color, very dynamic. How I wish he was more integrated between his work and his wardrobe, course maybe that's easier for women? I dunno.

    Wear your vibrant dynamic colors so your outside can match the rest of you. =)

  8. jessica11:24 PM

    I absolutely love this shirt. I love the color and the dots and I think it looks just right for you. Good job!

  9. I have a very favorite Karen Nye pattern which I made up in Kaffe Fasset *rayon*...naturally I wear it at quilt shows and it never fails to get wonderful reviews. That being said, I wish I could wear that yummy green dotted jacketop! (It would make me look anemic and jaundiced.)

  10. I have some of that fabric! Used it in a crop circle quilt challenge. Turned out neat. I make all kinds of great clothing. My hubby is usually saying, "Can't you wear somthing alittle less quilty?" So my clothes are divided into 2 groups...stuff to wear with him, and stuff to wear with my quilting buddies.

  11. Perfect for both uses. Especially useful in cooler weather for layer. Delicious color.

  12. Love the fabric; it's my favorite color. Makes a nice shirt.


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