Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Purple Patchwork Purse

The previous patchwork purse was a gift and was sent off last week as a surprise to its recipient, but I kept thinking about making one for myself. To begin I first had to find the yarn to make the strap. Funny place to start, but knowing that I have that covered opens up the design process as far as construction and fabric choices. I know I wanted outside pockets, and also wanted to make them from silk shantung. Silk is strong and elegant and would bring the purse up a notch from just cotton quilt fabric.
I quilted the pockets as a single piece first and then cut the fabric in half and lined it with purple Kona cotton, leaving a little of purple lining showing at the top as though it were trim. Then I had to insert them into the center panel and quilt that part next. The pockets were just seamed into place but only at the bottom seam. Don't try and visualize this, it is not all that important.
After the center panel was quilted, then the side panels were sewn on and quilted, catching the pockets in the seam at that time. I also added a loop for a pen or pencil which I am always looking for, and will keep my notepad in the pocket. The pocket on the reverse side will hold receipts which I am always collecting.

The bag has a gusseted bottom to make it stand up nicely and the I-cord strap is laced through batik sleeves caught in the top seam. The sketch book I like to have at my fingertips fits perfectly inside too. I don't carry a cell phone most of the time but it could go in one of the pockets on the front if necessary. Of course my purpley/pink camera has to be included. The pink coin purse holds my credit cards and driver's license, which are more necessary than coins.


  1. What a fabulous purse!! Love the colours and so many great pockets.

  2. Cute and just the right size.

  3. How gorgeous! She's lucky.

  4. Melody - that bag is delicious looking. Wonderful job!

  5. Hang on a moment there! I know you're a magician Melody, but how did you take a photo of your camera . . . while the camera was in the photo . . . and don't tell me time-lapse, coz it'd have to be reality-lapse!

    Great colour scheme, useful bag!

  6. Anonymous7:03 PM

    "It is always brave to say what everyone thinks." And you really did it!

  7. Anonymous12:21 PM

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