Friday, July 23, 2010

Via Diagonale c'est fini !

This pattern is from and I made it as a sample for our new about-to-open yarn store Three Black Sheep.  It's about 18x9" and is knit from Berrocco Ultra Alpaca.

I lined it with pink Kona Cotton to match the pink leather handles. The bottom is gussetted and the bag is stiffened with Innerfuse, a new product to me. It has fusible on both sides and did the trick perfectly. I am so proud of myself getting this done way before the mid August opening.

What you don't see are the zillions of mistakes I made and ripped out and reknit. This is a slip stitch pattern and when I followed the instructions I often got lost, and didn't discover my mistake until inches had been knit incorrectly. Then I would have to unknit them, which with this pattern is not so easy.
 I decided to stop looking at the row by row instructions and just look at what I was knitting. Then the pattern was obvious! That doesn't mean I knit the rest perfectly, but I did manage to correct my mistakes sooner.
When I knew I had to rip out rows, I would put the bag aside for a few days until I had the intestinal fortitude and patience to tackle it again.
Finishing the bag was right up my alley, and I regained my confidence once the sewing part began. I am happy to have conquered this challenge. And I love the final result!


  1. This bag is beautiful. I have to hand it to you I would have given up after I had to rip more than twice.

  2. Wow! It is amazing, Mel! Looks perfect! Congrats! Anyone would be proud to carry it!

  3. That is amazing! Beautiful work!

  4. Gorgeous! Wonderful pattern!

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Thank you, thank you. It is so beautiful!!! You even lined it!! Did I thank you??!!!! I love it!!
    Three Black SHeep

  6. You are so multi-talented! I like the multimedia piece you did the other day, and this bag is very attractive and looks perfect to me (although it's good to hear that een the experts make mistakes!) Knitting seems extremely complicated to me (if one is actually making something) and I don't think I would have the patience for it either!

    Kristin F. in SC

  7. Who needs a Coach when you can have that gorgeous purse!
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing

  8. Great result! I've had that bag on my to do list (but not in my Ravelry queue) since it was published. I even have the yarn for it.
    Today I am going out to buy material to dye. There's a big craft and quilting show on here at present and $40/m for hand dyed fabric has pushed me over the edge.

  9. That is impressive! I can't imagine being able to make something like that... beautiful!

  10. Nice bag! Love the whole idea.

  11. SewsewLiz5:58 PM

    Mel, Can you direct me to the site where the pattern for your diagonal purse is located. I looked for Via Diagonal, no such pattern I thought you found it and then made some changes. When you get a chance I appreciate it.

  12. Anonymous12:14 AM

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  13. Anonymous10:30 PM

    This is fifty percent entertaining. But then again I'm very high right now


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