Saturday, July 03, 2010

My garden is being invaded by the dreaded tomato hornworm. They have attacked my peppers first, and eaten off all the top leaves and munched half of a pepper. Then the top leaves of the Patio tomato get their attention. I pick them off and squish them into smithereens, sending a message that I mean business.  They hold on for dear life as I gingerly grab them (with my bare fingers!) and then stomp them to death in the grass. They think they can hide under leaves, but I check from all angles and find every one. Yet the next day I find more. Grrrrr. I will not retreat!

I am happy to announce our first Acorn Squash baby. Sigh. Ain't she sweet?
I have never grown an acorn squash. This one was from a group of seedlings that had already set fruit when I bought them, but alas, they weren't pollinated, so they shriveled up before becoming real squash. This one says: I am growing. It's sister plant has been attacked by the dreaded vine borer, and is withering more and more each day. The life of a gardener is full of ups and downs.
I rejoice in the small victories.

How's this for color? An elephant ear leaf on its way out has turned this shocking limey green in contrast with the PINK of the coleus. Dazzling!
Three year old Stargazers have opened and their aroma drifts over the whole yard. Deelicious.

Here's to a safe and happy Fouth of July!


  1. That elephant ear leaf is stunning. Maybe you can preserve it by drying.

  2. Too bad you have war in your garden. Slugs ate everything in my garden last summer! Every morning I emptied the shallow cans of beer full of dead slugs. But they still won. They never kept coming!

  3. Get chili peppers, or any other really hot stuff, chop, and soak it in water, then put the water in a spray bottle. The spray will not hurt the plants, but the bugs don't like spicy leaves... You have to spray often when it rains, and remember to wash the veggies well before you eat them. But it's none toxic, and may help.

  4. My stargazer is still a few days away... their fragrance literally takes my breath away. I start wheezing, but they are so beautiful I just steer clear of it in the garden.

    Darn bugs! I feel the same way about the sex starved Japanese beetles that make lace out of some of my flower leaves.
    The flag looks beautiful on your house!!! Happy 4th!

  5. Linda7:46 PM

    If you aren't opposed to using a biological spray, you might try Bacillus Thuringiensis to deal with those ugly tomato worms. It is an environmentally safe product that is approved for use on tomato plants, etc. Your local garden supply source should have it.

  6. Try a hot pepper spray for your veggies. I had to do it one year, lost the recipe, but it's easy to find online. Hot pepper sauce, dishwashing liquid, et al. The garden stunk, but no beasts got my tomatoes!

    Happy 4th to you and Dave, too!

  7. Marcie4:37 AM

    Did you know you can 'pinch out' the coleus shoots, to make them bushier? (like you do for tomatoes)

  8. In a recent battle I drove all the bugs in my garden south. This may explain your current garden problem. Sorry.

  9. I like the yellow leaves


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