Monday, June 14, 2010

I found this drawing in my sketchbook..

It's really old, like from 1997 I think. I have already made this into a quilt, which is rather large (6x4 feet) and packed away in my quilt closet. I changed the design in numerous ways before I finished the quilt and while it has some resemblance to this design, this drawing still looks fresh and it inspires me. 
So if I wanted to make this into a quilt again, I would do it smaller. But how?
I still have the original transparency, and my overhead projector, which I had to dig out of the stuff in the garage and then find a way to make it work in my new studio.

I have a tablet of really large paper, 38x27" or something like that size, for use as a flip pad for lectures, from Staples or Office Depot. Placing the transparency, I moved the projector to and fro until I liked the finished size. Then I drew the projected design.
That drawing was a preliminary one, and needed to be made more accurate. Lines need to meet and other stuff needed to be edited out. I erased. I redrew. Redrew and erased. It is nearly the way I want it. There will be more adjustments as I construct this piece, and perhaps other shapes will be added to finish off the design in a desirable manner. I'll be starting on it soon.
Today I am off to a special Knitting Group party at the Sew Be It quilt/yarn shop in Ringgold GA. O boy!!!


  1. Such a neat design! Hope you create this or something like it. Have fun knitting!

  2. I was in Sew Be It a few weeks ago and it almost made me wish I was into knitting when I saw all the luscious yarns they carry!

  3. I'm excited to watch!!!

  4. Inspirational as usual. This will be so exciting to watch. Have fun at Sew-Bee-It with all the luscious yarns and fabrics.

  5. Susie Zol.10:57 AM

    I'm so excited! Thank you so much for sharing your process. It's very inspirational.

  6. Hi Melody,
    Would you please discuss your design decisions some? For instance, I think it's so effective that you've sort of disected this flower and put overlapping parts here and there. How do you arrive at those decisions?
    And, for your wonderful tulip pieces, the sliced petals are wonderful, as well as the tiny pieces in the background. I'd love to gain insight on how you arrived at these choices.
    Ellen Lindner


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