Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hello June!
Minutes ago the sky was blue as can be and now the rains have returned. I couldn't be happier.

 Stella D'Oros are opening all over the place, showing off two at once blooms.

In the veg garden I have been waiting two weeks to see some signs of beans germinating, and finally one has sprouted. Just one stinkin' bean. I am starting over with new seeds this week. Methinks the hard crust of the dirt may have contributed to the poor showing, so I bought some lovely potting mix which I have used in the past to make conditions better for germination. I will also be trying for the third time to get some basil to sprout. They are usually so easy, but something is preventing them from getting started.
 The great news is that my beets have come up. O happy day. I am the only beet eater here, but I can see into the future and can imagine all those steaming red beauties topped with butter, salt and pepper and loaded onto my fork.

It's a long walk down to the garden. Can you see the house back up there? There is a water pump near the mailbox so having beds out here isn't as nutty as one might think. And of course it is our sunniest spot.
I like to visit first thing in the morning as the commuters go whizzing by. I stay clear of the road, believe me.

My walk does double duty, as the dew gives my feet a good washing.

I have five hills of zucchini with multiple sprouts in each hill. Do you think that's too much? I do. I will bite the bullet and rip some of them out. Sorry, but reality smacks.
The flower pots are showing some success with little baby burpless cukes arising from the stems. Hope they mature to something edible.

Today a real estate inspector will visit, as we are refinancing for lower interest rates. This means I will have pay attention to the piles of accumulated debris lying about. Dishes, laundry, mud blobs etc.
Well, at least the rains are watering for me. Happy June Day!
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  1. Love those cukes and I'm right there with you on the beets. So delicious. I roast them in winter in the oven. The guys got me the new Weber so I will wrap the beets in foil packets with the essentials and think of you while I'm wiping the butter from my chins.
    Loved our conversation-must do that again soon.

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    There is a reason to keep all the zucchini plants: if you pick the baby zukes when they're just an inch long, they are incredibly delicious in shish kebabs or just steamed with butter and thyme. They don't have time to grow all their interior stuff, or to get tough. They also stop growing as soon as you pick them, so you can keep them a few days until you have a bowlful. Baby beets and beet greens with butter are high on my personal like list too!

  3. If you hand pollinate the cukes you'll get a better harvest. Just use a paint brush on the male flowers, the ones without the baby cukes behind them and then paint onto the centre of the female flowers with the pollen. Works well with zucchinis too. Sue.


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