Monday, May 31, 2010

Preparing Dye Platters: Step by Step

1. Buy two 4x8' sheets of rigid foam insulation, about 1.5" thick. They cost about $9 each.  Have the store cut them in half so they will fit into your car. You will have four 4x4' sheets= $18 plus tax.
2. Leave them outside all winter so they can a) annoy your husband and b)collect dirt and debris and provide a home for spiders and various lizards. If you can, leave them near the dryer vent where they will collect lint.
3. Line them up against a wall and hose them down like a firing squad.
4. Measure and mark ( on the foam sheets!) the width and depth of the dye shelves and using a carpet knife, score the cutting line lightly several times. Place scored line over the edge of worksurface and give the foam a karate chop, which will show the foam who is the boss.
5. Cut one quarter sheet larger than the others so it can sit on top of the shelf unit, and leave one half sheet for larger dye projects.
6. Call it a day and wait for someone to notice that they never cut these for you like they promised.
Learning to relax Part B.

I like to read with my feet up. We have four old fart chairs and all of them have ottomans. I like to have an ottoman, even if it doesn't match my porch. This nice red table is from Target. It holds my drinks and books and munchies. The spot I have chosen is breezy and just bright enough for reading. Perfect.
 If it gets too cool or rainy I set up another spot in the library/bubble tub room. It is small but has adequate lighting, the requisite old fart chair and ottoman combo and plenty of books to peruse. Outside my two windows (one is hidden in this shot by the bookcases) I can see the garden, the pond, enjoy the breeze and know when the rain has stopped. Again, perfect.
I am reading instead of dyeing fabric, which I am putting off until June which is, as you know, right around the corner.


  1. You are just tooooo funny. I enjoy your blog on a daily basis. Always a good start to my day. Thanks for sharing

  2. Will the real Melody step forward.

    I especially like step #'s 2 and 6.
    Did you get your point across or is he pulling the "who me" act?

    What are you reading right now? My favorite spot for reading is the screened in porch. I also sit there to do my hand work. It gets a great breeze and is away from the world (but so is everything in NC).

    Hugs - marie

  3. Raining in my part of NC, too.
    We call our recliners "geezer chairs". No outdoor work will happen today but it is perfect for sewing or catching up on a good book.

  4. Part B sounds perfect.
    There's a marathon of "Hoarders" on A&E today which I will wach with a trash bag in hand, standing near my closet. Calling it a walk-in closet evokes laughter all around my house from these chuckle heads I live with. I'll show them...

  5. Anne H, Evanston11:35 AM

    whatcha reading?

  6. love it... old fart chairs! did a wee bit of dyeing this weekend but can't wait to see what you do!

  7. Ok, I am inspired again. I will get to cracking open those dye powders from 3 years ago? I now know how to make the dye racks and the weather here in Orlando is smoking hot...let's see if I can find a rack like yours in the garage lol....

  8. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Hahaha...Dee!! I was watching Hoarders too and then I thought maybe I should get a couple of trashbags and get rid of some things...but the computer was between me and the bags...thought I'd check and see what Melody was doing today...and then your post!! Ok..seriously...I'm going to get those bags now...I am...promise. ;-)

  9. This sounds too familiar! My husband lost a bet at least a year ago; so long ago that I don't remember what we were betting on. But my prize for winning the bet was that he would hang vertical blinds in my sewing room. I'll have to remind him of that tonight when we get home, because the blinds are still in the box!


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