Monday, May 17, 2010

The Pond Flowers

Planted last Spring, the waterlilies jumped into life earlier than we expected, and then bam! started blooming earlier too. When I say planted, that is a stretch, as the plant came in a box and we just tossed them into the water and walked away.
The other two plants have pink blooms and are also sprouting huge buds, so maybe this week we'll have another show.

A big improvement, besides the stone surround, is the walkway in back of the bed, which was always a dangerous place to walk and now is solid and safe. I need to get at that side of the bed to plant and tend the garden.
The bank, which is quite steep is being filled in with stones to prevent erosion and keep down the weeds. There is also the start of a walk along the edge of the water, which will be nice to get closer to see the fish and frogs.
Here's what the bank looked like when we moved in:

We no longer have the ducks, as they 'flew the coop' and of course we no longer have grass or  these weeds either. I never dreamed the garden would grow into what is has become.
 Here's a surprise for me too. This ipomoea is blooming! The variety is Blackie and it is also knows as sweet potato vine. Who knew they bloomed?
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  1. Wow! Where are you getting all the rocks? That is a lot of work. It looks fabulous!

  2. Mechelle8:54 AM

    I LOVE the look of the rocks on the pond bank - looks great! Now I think some retro metal patio chairs in all different bright colors would make it all just perfect!

  3. I adore water lilies. My mom used to have big water tubs with goldfish and water lilies before she sold the house I grew up in. I wish the ponds we have in our neighborhood had some. They are so pretty!

  4. I like the before and after pictures of that area. You guys have done a ton of work!
    My sweet potato blackie in a pot bloomed a couple years ago too. I couldn't believe it either.

  5. Wow, Its looks lovely... I hope your sister and niece come out and enjoy it with you.

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Looks like Monet's garden with all of the water lilies. Soon you'll be making painted and quilted masterpieces I'm sure!

  7. I did not know those plants bloomed. What a lovely surprise. I just love taking a tour of your estate. Relaxing!

  8. I've planted sweet potato vines every summer for years and I've never seen them bloom. I had no idea...


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