Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nature Walk

Isn't he the furriest moth ever? I always say that this place belongs to the creatures and we are merely allowed to visit. He was resting on the garage doorway and even tho I asked politely to see his full wings open, he refused. I love the antennae and the eye shape on the wing.
The baby goldfish are getting big enough to eat fish pellets and they attacked them with open mouths. Still the pellets are too large to gulp, and they take a nibble and try to carry it away, only to be trumped by another open mouthed baby. We have about 15 survivors and I haven't been feeding them at all. They just eat the slime on the walls of the pond, which seems to satisfy their lusty appetites...until these pellets were introduced. All part of my plan to train them to gather for feeding. Can one train fish with food? You bet.

There are four or five white ones with variations in orange patterns on their bodies. One has an orange spot on his head and that makes him recognizable.

 Speaking of orange...Popeye loves the new garden and I had to move him twice, as he chose to sleep on my newly sprouted seedlings. The soil is sopping wet, and that makes him happy. What a cat.

And now for some self indulgent pond fish pictures. I have noticed we have one white (with orange highlights) goldfish and I have been trying without success to photograph her. Now that she has grown bigger, and more obvious amongst the other fish, I was able to shoot these photos of her. I am only guessing she is a female.

 Clicking on the picture may help...

 OK I am a little nuts about my fish. OK a lotsa nuts.
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  1. Super awesome moth picture, but I am sitting here giggling over the picture of Popeye. Aren't kitties the most fun? Karmen

  2. Miss White? Miss BETTY White to be precise!


  3. Lovely fish. I take pictures at my P-i-l's tiny pond. They are quite social, obviously not cold to each other, they have a sense of humor -- they blow bubbles on the surface, just to have fun.

  4. Popye is such a stitch, as old as he is, he still makes you laugh.

    The fish are lovely. I love to see fish in a pond rather than in a jar in the house...I still would like to see a little brige over the pond lol....

  5. Amazing moth picture! (Although I wouldn't want him in my house eating my yarn.) Popeye looks very comfy.

  6. Love the fish and the moth is awesome - love those antennae - great design - but Popeye takes my prize this morning- cats get into the most amazing positions. Reminds me of my ginger Effie, now a somewhat grumpy angel in cat heaven, loved to sleep in light misty rain in the middle of the lawn. There's some Scottish? moggie breed that likes water so maybe Popeye and Effie have a bit in the mix.
    Cheers, Lucy

  7. That moth photo is awesome! He looks a little heavily dressed for the south... so much fur on him. I love the antennas too. If someone would have drawn him I wouldn't have believed he was real.

  8. That looks like a Cecropia moth. They are nocturnal, flying all night and then dropping somewhere during the day and just resting. Look them up on google to see better pictures and also see what their caterpillar looks like. They're pretty amazing from start to finish.

    I love the photo of Popeye. He is so cute. My cat wouldn't even get near dirt - he's that finicky about everything!


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