Saturday, May 22, 2010

Living Rurally

The blog entry from yesterday got this comment which made me laugh
---If you made your beds by the road here, everyone would enjoy reaping the rewards free gratis - in other words they would harvest your veggies without asking.

Yes I can understand that. I know how risky an enterprise these roadside gardens could be in more densely populated areas. But there are so few people here, and those who do live here have their own gardens and will be having a chuckle at these two small beds. We are gambling that we'll get stuff to grow well enough to harvest SOMETHING.

Our road sees log trucks whizzing along at 55mph and then a few commuters morning and evenings. The mail lady goes by twice, once to service our side of the road and then once to service the opposite side. We look up to see whose pickup is flying by, and who is using our driveway entrance as a turn around. That's entertainment!

We expect deer problems, but really, there haven't been any deer sightings since last fall. This Spring is so lush after a rainy winter that food for critters is Abundant. Do you think they will like hot peppers?

If it turns out that veggies are a bust, we can always do flowers next year. I may plant a few seeds just to have transplants for the main gardens nearer the house.
We'll see what happens.


  1. If you grow tomatoes I know Stretch might make a trip to harvest some. He is the worse critter our friends have deal with in their garden. They made the mistake of telling him he could help himself.

  2. I had a freestanding veggie plot several years ago, and the plans called for stakes at each corner with screening wrapped around, and a framed door to get into the growing area. Betcha that would deter the deer and bunnies!

  3. People do "help themselves" when they think no one can see them, even when they live in the country. All farmers who live in upstate NY know this, and they plant their "really good" sweet corn many rows away from the road, so that people who steal their corn only get the cow (or field) corn.

  4. My daughter has little sun in her suburban back yard so put boxes in her sunny front yard along the sidewalk. So far no trouble with people helping themselves, but the joggers/walkers all stop and chat with her and comment how pretty it is. We'll see as the summer progresses how her vegetable garden fares.


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