Friday, May 21, 2010

Cecil B. De Mel...What I really want to do is direct

 My back recovery choices were to lie in bed and watch daytime TV, ugh, or hobble out to the car and go with the guys to get mulch. I chose the mulch trip. I suggested the huge mulch pile in Signal Mountain and since Mike is from around here, he took us on the scenic route which goes along the Tennessee River. We'll do that route again. Gorgeous.
Signal Mountain's mulch pile is superior to the other free mulch sites. Very well broken down, and almost to the point of soil. (more than you want to know about mulch, I am sure).
Here is a close-up view of it in one of our new/old garden beds, which was the point of the trip. My directorial debut was kind of misinterpreted.
What I had in mind was laying the mulch down on the grass, and then putting the frame down, and then filling it with soil. I felt the mulch would act as drainage from the Spring runoff and also a barrier to keep the voles or moles from finding the softer soil in the bed. O well.
The guys will fill the rest of the beds with composted manure and then I will plant. I have the easy job. Of course. I am the director!

We decided to have these two frames as veggie beds in the field we have along our road. We call this Dave's Memorial Garden or the more hopeful name, the Zen Garden. Since we had the frames leftover, and since this is a much sunnier spot than anywhere near the house, why not use it for green beans, peppers, squash, beets etc. We have no rabbits here, surprisingly and only deer, raccoons, fox, coyote, wild dogs, possums and snakes, so we are holding back on the  optimism for this venture.
 Dave traded in his riding lawn mower for this push model so he could have the exercise. He finished this job dripping wet. While these two beds look mighty small for such a big field, just you wait. You know how things expand around here.

I had but to mention once that I would like steps to go down to the pond and years later, here they are, installed.
There will be a hand rail soon, as safety is a priority. I have tripped and stumbled enough on flat ground to know that I don't want to fall into that water. We have guys like this waiting...

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  1. Things sure do happen at your place... want to come up here and direct a few days?

    How bout buying some coyote urine and spreading it around the frames? You might want to stay clear for a few days, but the animals smell it a lot longer than we do. It kept my garden clear for three years!

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Now, I am confused. Is that your property too or is it municipal for which you have the responsibility to maintain? And what about the opposite side of the road, who is caring for that piece?

    Vegetables, are you sure about that? The only other place I've seen vegs on the roadside was in Asia. Flowers would look so much nicer and you wouldn't have to eat them. But leaded vegetables???

  3. livelovelaugh-cathy.blogspot.com11:04 AM

    Ummm, are those turtles?

  4. Looks like you have been a very busy lady..

  5. Looks like you have been a very busy lady..

  6. Dear Anon,
    that long strip is part of our five acres and we maintain it. Lots of folks around here have veggies planted in the spaces near the road. They are the only places where we get real sun. We don't have as much traffic as you might think...not so much that we worry about lead poisoning. And we are experimenting. This was where the blueberries and grapevines were before we ripped them out. Who knows what will grow here. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Thanks for the explanation, now I understand.

  8. Good its really fantastic.

  9. I hope your back is getting better daily! I've been there many times, though not recently. But any yard work provides ample reminder that I have to be careful. I love the photo of the frog!

  10. To save your green beans from the deer, we're still recommending black plastic netting (like that used to protect fruit trees from birds). It comes in sheets that are 14' wide and 75' long. We have metal hoops that we put over the plants, and then drape the netting over. HTH!! Marcia

  11. Anonymous8:07 AM

    If you made your beds by the road here, everyone would enjoy reaping the rewards free gratis - in other words they would harvest your veggies without asking.

  12. Another thing that connects you and me -- the Tennessee River. I love the views!

    Best to you with your veggies and the deer! Hope your back is even better today.


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