Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wiped. Out.
I always say I am gonna take it is easy and quit working before I am fried, but then I can't just leave a job half done. And now I am all done in. So today...I will just sit around and enjoy the sunny warm day. I promise.


  1. Spring air can be tricky.

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Ooh, love the new blog header (I usually read in a reader)! Make sure to use that hot tub!

  3. Teresa11:50 AM

    Love the picture! Wondered how you were keeping up that gardening pace. Enjoy a relaxing day!!

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM

    LOL, love the pic!

  5. Good - you were working so hard the rest of us were getting tired. We need a rest.

  6. Petra8:05 PM

    That picture said it all and it had me in stitches!
    What a hoot, the body language was dead-on!

  7. I LOVE your kitty!!! so cute! did you make it?!! Your life looks like a whole lot of fun! :)


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