Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on the Tiny Garden
This photo was taken  April 9, 2009, just after all the plants were sited. Neat and under control, no?
A close-up of this hens and chicks shows the baby chicks on stems emanating from the mother.

Here is the same plant one year later. Nine babies developed from the mother and each of those has lots of babies on stems too. Not much is going on with the adjacent sedum specimen. OK, those of you with experience with hens and chicks, what should I do to help these nine new mothers have their own space? I have never split this plant up before. Is it chancey? Will I hurt it if I do it now?

The voles got at the Irish Moss and the other small leaved plant, but I have no fear that it will explode again shortly, but to be safe I added lobelia, alyssum, creeping jenny and coleus. I may have overdone it.
Also, notice how the house itself has faded from copper colored roof to gray. Now's my chance to redo it in Mexican Chalet colors. Ole!


  1. Melody -- first of all you can't kill hens and chicks. They are the easiest to transplant. Simply pull straight up and a long stick will come with the hen. That really is the root. Then just replant it somewhere else and soon you get to do it all over again. They reproduce like rabbits.

    Good luck, Sharon in CO

  2. What a cute tiny garden- I love the chalet! I agree, the hen and chicks are pretty tough, you can just break off the ones you want to move and replant them.

  3. I totally love your gnome.

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