Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Replacing the Microwave

This is the old microwave, taken when we just bought the house in July 2007. It was a pretty fancy schmancy convection/microwave combo. Black to match the half and half black stove and old black refrigerator and faux granite back splash. It had a push-in latch, which just stopped opening, with a bowl of soup stuck inside. Screwdrivers and four hands working together could not get it open. Three days with no microwave. EEEK. Today Dave disassembled the whole thing and then and only then could we get the stinkin' door open. 

After baseball on Sunday Dave and Mike bought a new one and today they installed it. It is sooooo clean and white. And of course the rest of the walls and counters are white too.

 I love a clean microwave, so let's keep it that way. I promise to wipe up the spills and keep a cover on the spaghetti sauce.


  1. Pretty! I love a clean microwave! I'm glad you took a picture.

  2. Sadly, the only way to keep it looking like that is to never use it :(

  3. I see you found a new one with a handle on the door. We had a problem with the sticky button on one, too. But we didn't find a new one with a handle.


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