Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Surveying the Bounty
The view from my chaise at cocktail time. The field across the street is alternately a baseball diamond as in 'if you build it, they will come' or the venue for a Woodstock-type event. The reality is that it is a hay field and with any luck at all will stay that way until we are goners.
What you cannot hear are the frogs jumping into the pond. And woodpeckers tapping at trees. And in the quieter moments, cows are mooing down the road. I have my feet up, flip flops off, and a cold glass of water to revive me. The sprinkler is attending to the needs of the shade garden on the other side of the house, which I move every 15 minutes or so.
Dave is out digging us five more redbud trees, from a fellow who made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Hmmm. Well, it will be nice to have the pond surrounded by redbuds in the Springs to come.

Let's look at the garden in this soft evening light. First we have Brunnera, which came with an order of heuchera, sort of as a freebie. The blue flowers are like forget-me-nots, but the plant is much prettier. I must acquire a second one, as I love this one so much.

This is one of my favorite heuchera varieties, although I can't decide which one it is. Either Caramel or Southern Comfort. Despite the different colored leaves, this is all one plant. It gets big.
This is it's second year, and I am feeding it well and keeping it weeded. Well, so far anyway. I am always better in the Spring and get lazier as the season progresses.

Loving the pansies. But I will be happy to replace them as the days get hotter. The space they are in is prime real estate, but I am trying out new things and this is my first time to have them in a bed, not just a window box.

Speaking of window boxes, this bleeding heart is in a planter box, and is overflowing again. It is sneaking into the staircase.
We call it the bleeding heart that ate Cleveland, which is dopey, but so are we.
It has little babies sprouting in the foreground bed, and I will allow them to get bigger this year, with the idea of moving them someplace else later.
When it comes to bigger, this is the champion heuchera, called Autumn Bride, and it is usually ignored because it stays just green. I don't care. It is a favorite and never disappoints.

This just in: Dave has a mention in the Chattanooga Free Press here!!!! It's just a few words, but could speaks volumes about his love of baseball. We are so happy he has found a much closer team. Yay Dave!!


  1. Beautiful garden pix! Note about Pansys in a bed: we had one when I was about 10, and I got to be the one to dead-head the spent blossoms... what a chore! But they were beautiful when in bloom. BTW, I love your "new" fountain!

  2. Absolutely worth the time and effort. I would spend my whole time in the chaise just looking.


  3. pammyfay1:59 PM

    Just caption that photo of you with your feet up "Now THIS is what it's all about!"

  4. Beautiful pics!! Looks like my view from my back yard :) Don't ya just love it???

  5. I say, "Go, Melody, live it up in your garden!"
    And to Dave, "Go, Dave. Do what you love while you can!"
    Enjoy. :-)

  6. I think the garden gnomes have completely turned you over to the GREEN side, and we shall not see you in the sewing room till the snow falls again.....
    I saw the quilt on SMS, and immediately thought it was yours... only to read on and find it was!
    Yeah! Beautiful garden... I am really in awe.... the only thing that I can grow in the desert is weeds.....

  7. Three cheers for Dave and his love of baseball. It keeps you young of heart. Nice article.

  8. What a lovely view! I must look into a Caramel/Southern Comfort Heuchera for my zone 5 garden... just beautiful!


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