Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes hobbies are a lot of work

A comment yesterday:
I think the garden gnomes have completely turned you over to the GREEN side, and we shall not see you in the sewing room till the snow falls again.....
Lutra (blogless)

LOL Lutra!
 Actually that won't be the case, I promise, it's just that one must do what is necessary at the right time. And springtime is the busiest time outdoors for us. Yesterday I slogged through the steaming greenhouses at the nursery in search of water plants for the new fish pond, got 25 new goldfish, and lots of new ornamental grasses and an Annabelle hydrangea (hope springs eternal). And more dirt. 
Dave and Mike dug and planted five new redbuds surrounding the big pond and while they are skinny this year, next Spring it will be glorious. 
I am slightly sunburned, my hands are leathery even tho I wear gloves most of the time, I have to scrub dirt out of my nails, and I am so far behind on getting a haircut that it is disgusting. Today I get a break to go to my knitting group, and afterwards I am meeting an internet friend north of Chattanooga, to view her GARDEN!!!! She knows what I'm talkin' about.


  1. Hi Melody,
    Actually, although I love all of your quilting and knitting posts, I equally love all of your gardening posts. I love your cute little house. I absolutely dislike gardening myself, and I live in a beautiful garden vicariously through you. Sometimes you have actually inspired me, and I have planted something. I haven't bought any goldfish YET.....

    When ever you show your goldfish I think of my grandmother who had this deep concrete pond, I don't know what it was supposed to be. It was about 4 feet square and 5-6 feet deep. She had a picket fence around it. We would buy gold fish for it at the "five and ten". They would grow big like yours. Every morning, she would put some quaker oats, put some in the lid and give it to one of us kids to sprinkle on the pond for the goldfish. So every time I see your posts about your goldfish, I think about my grandma. Thanks

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    T think Melody that you and Dave and myself should swap homes for a season perhaps not winter and perhaps not summer so that leaves some time in Autumn or Spring (yours or ours).love Christine in autumnal Bathurst NSW Australia

  3. Love the view of your house (especially the redbuds).

  4. What a spectacular property you have, Melody. Real "dream home" material.

  5. You'll probably be back in the quilt studio when it turns hot. And you'll be enjoying all the garden beauty in the cool evenings and early mornings, payback from all of this spring's hard work.

  6. I seriously envy your garden and your beautiful tree filled lot. Your view is amazing. Sadly all I have to look at are the houses on either side and behind me :( The trials and tribulations of living in a Texas subdivision!

  7. Your yard is beautiful! I love watching what is coming up: In IL we are just a little behind you weather wise, so I can enjoy what you are doing and not feel frantic about not getting out there yet!

  8. Anonymous12:27 PM

    The good thing about all the hard work that you are putting into the garden at the moment is the reward it gives you in terms of the inspiration it will provide you with.

  9. Kathy F1:46 PM

    I love your yard. It looks so relaxing (once all the hard work is done). I think it was a good move you made and I'm glad it's working out so well for you.

    (But I love to read your fabric blogs, too.)

  10. If you don't garden how can I live vicariously thru you....a green thumb I DO NOT have so I experience my gardening thru you.

    You must be so excited about the wonderful and luscious garden I (insert "YOU" here) planted!

  11. Wow! Your drive looks completely different now than it did when you bought it. I think it is happy you and Dave live there.

  12. What a great spot you have there. Do you have a problem with animals eating your garden. The possums and wallabies love to eat mine.

  13. Just wanted to let you know I love all your posts and can't wait to look every morning to see what your working on today. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  14. Does Mike have a brother that lives in upstate NY?


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