Monday, April 26, 2010

Splendid Spring
What is the gardener's compulsion? For me it is hope fulfilled. When one plants something and then it returns the next year so enthusiastically, it erases the disappointments of those that don't make it.
Focusing on the perennials, the backbone of the garden, we have a joyous snowball bush in bloom.
It may be short in stature now, at five feet but specimens in our area get to be towering with hundreds of blooms. We can be patient and wait for that.

 Columbine, Biedermeier variety. Not my favorite kind. I prefer the single more woodland type, but this is not a complaint. I am happy to see it in bloom and hope it is staying forever despite its crowded conditions in amongst the daisy and lupin.
When we moved here it was a droughty year and we didn't know we had azaleas in the shade garden. They didn't do well, needing more water than they got, but after a very wet winter they have rebounded and are just delightful to see this spring, in full color.

Since these look so good, I took the leap of getting five more for the big bed in back. At only $3 a bush, they are less than the New Guinea impatiens I had there in the past years.
They thrive when watered often, so the current rain cycle we are in is perfect to get them acclimated.

In other news: Some before and after pictures of recent plantings. The idea this year was to use potted plants instead of making more new beds. I am already happier with these, because my hopes of preventing the vole problem are high.

 I decided to start simply with inexpensive but dependable plants. Snapdragons, petunia, alyssum, coleus and glowing blue lobelia. In the foreground purple pot is a so-far-hidden canna, which I have never tried but this year there are five total in the several spots. In the back left purple pot is my pitiful veggie department. Two varieties of parsley, a gypsy pepper and the bush cucumber.  I may move this pot if the sun doesn't hit it enough. So difficult to know when one starts this early.
 O yes, there is one lonely celosia in there too.

 The very happy Goliath tomato rounds out the potted veg, and in the center pot I planted a giant elephant ear which promises to become huge. We'll see.


  1. I finally got my flower beds done yesterday! The azaleas here in Texas were awesome for the past three weeks, but now they are all gone and I miss them already. Your garden is so colorful, I love it.

  2. Melody - Your gardening is much like your quilting - passionate and orderly. You are so creative. I am very envious (of the quilting - I do not have - or want - a green thumb.)


  3. Carol7:21 PM

    Thanks for all the gardening information and the introduction to new plants. I found the day lilies at Home Depot today. They had just come and I got as many as I could. Waiting to see more.

  4. Did you remember to add your lime (calcium) to the tomatoes to avoid blossom end rot?


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