Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A little plan that worked

We have this lovely air conditioning unit right smack dab in our yard, where if it is in use makes a big noise. Luckily we rarely have to use it, as the weather is mild up here. But there it sits with ugly written all over it. So we decided in June of 08 to surround it with burning bushes and liriope. The burning bushes were a bargain, at $6 each.
 Here they are now, only two seasons later, almost completely obscuring the ac unit. And of course now we also have a deck and hot tub, which ws not foreseen back then. Sometimes things work out just right. The liriope are spreading in this site too, but the surprise is the fern in the corner, which was supposed to be planted in the shade, and duh, I goofed and just put it in the sunniest, hottest spot. Seems to love it there.

We have been sans-sun for several days and yet the clematis is determined to open. Nelly Moser variety. My Jackmani is also opening, but I will wait to post it until it is fully opened. So glorious then. The pond is rising to the max, and continues to fill even after the rain stops as it collects the rain from the hills above.
Since I was looking for before pictures to compare our plantings, I discovered that we are about a month ahead of what was blooming two years ago. The rhododendrons bloomed in June of '08 and they are just starting to open now. Does this mean something good or dire? I have heard El Nino is back in action.

Note: I dropped my laptop the other day and while it still works, the keyboard is dead. I am using a plug in keyboard, placing it on the laptop and trying to blog anyway. A new laptop is coming by Thursday, and I can hardly wait. Arrghhh.


  1. Stunning spring you all are having. Don't you just love those Burning Bush Hiders. I have a couple and every few years I just whack them all the way back, so they are fuller in the spring.

    Bet you can't wait for that new lappie to arrive. Have fun with it.

  2. What a great way to cover up and jazz up your yard. Love it!!!

  3. I thought of doing something similar to hide our large A/C unit, but the A/C people advised strongly against--something about needing an unobstructed flow of air around the unit. Hope it's not true!

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