Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hurray! A Rain Day!

Now I can stop planting for a couple of days and get back into my messy studio and put away piles of stuff, find my worksurface again and make something. woowoo!
I have been storing up favorites on the Flickr site, and will have another look for inspiration. Will I sew or fuse? Don't know at the moment. We'll see where the spirit moves me.
I had a great time at Knitting yesterday, and what a super bunch of gals! Afterwards I found some plant bargains, heuchera and a Guacamole hosta (couldn't help myself) and bought myself a 100 foot long Professional garden hose. Now I can reach the whole garden by attaching my other longest hose to that 100 Oh, the things I get excited about these days.
PS. Wanna laff? Read Brooke's Baklava How-to
Today and the exactly one year ago....


  1. Funny, but I always look at YOUR stuff on flickr for inspiration. :)

  2. I've started in on my garden, but yours looks much nicer than mine!

    I can't wait to check out your Flickr site! Your work is just so bright and happy.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Ah Redbuds, love them! And it looks like global warming is happening! ;-)

    Seriously, how nice that blogs can become the diaries we never had time for, complete with pictures!

  4. We are so far ahead of ourselves this Spring. I think I am going to add some fall late blooming flowers just to have something blooming in fall!

    Love the sky in last years photo against the trees with that touch of pink from the red buds. :)

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