Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spiderweb II

While I was sewing the previous Spiderweb quilt, I kept thinking about making another one in predominately hand dyed fabrics, with just a few prints. And I wanted to take the design one step further by forming the rays with more contrast to make those connections more visible. I used only scraps, of which I had many, and in this case the design is all fused. The trouble I had sewing the connecting triangles was not an issue with fusing this design.
 I made a pattern with the release paper from the Wonder-Under, and cut it into twelve sections, all the same. But I added a 'seam allowance' to the lighter wedges as I cut them to fit under the darker wedges. It worked like a dream. The dark wedges are cut exactly the size of the pattern paper, no seam allowances are necessary. I could have easily had all the points meet in the centers, but I really like the red dots and am happy to have those dots echoed in the same red as the triangles.
This is just the beginning three units and I plan to make more, but again I will be gone Wednesday to knitting group so making more circle will have to wait.

While I was busily making this design the light fixture just fell down from the ceiling. Luckily nothing terrible happened to the electrical connection.
Dave and I dragged out two ladders and managed to reinstall the fixture with better anchors, the butterfly kind, and didn't have to call the electrician back.

After dinking around with that interruption in my work, I called it a day. 5pm and I hadn't even stopped for lunch. Musta been having fun with this new piece!


  1. Cripes ! ! !
    That light fixture coulda konked ya on the head ! ! ! ! Geeez.

    Your design is striking. One could gaze at it at length,
    with different patterns revealing themselves.
    Gotta love quilts and their possibilities.

  2. bad bad light! No more jumping off the ceiling! The quilt is SO cool, I was wondering what you'd do next with this one. The hand dyed look is so sophisticated and the contrast brings out the patterns... and you did this with SCRAPS?! LOL! Why not?! <3 you!

  3. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  4. I really like it! How large are you going to make it?

  5. This is it! This one says "Melody" all over it. (I like it better than the first one, which I really, really liked.) This one is you.


  6. Gorgeous spiderwebs! Can't wait to see more!


  7. Leave it to you to come up with something else beauti-mus, gorge-tastic, fantas-lious!!!
    So glad it was only the light fixture thingy....could have been much worse.
    Take care.

  8. Very cool with the light and dark sections!!!
    Lighting is such a pain! We had an electrician here and put in 11 canned lights and will put in 2 big fixtures. Each fixture will have 3 100 watt bulbs in them. Will need dimmers or sunglasses!

  9. Patty. email me privately. I wanna talk lighting with you.

  10. Holy Moly Babe! Glad you're alright.
    You really put your own wonderful twist on this one. The red sings.

  11. I love how NOT having a rectangular background to the spiderwebs makes them feel like they could start spinning at any moment.
    Remember those beautiful spinning pinwheel thingies on a stick from when you were a kiddie? These remind me of them!

  12. Glad you weren't sitting (or standing) under the light fixture. Are you planning to replace the anchors on the other fixtures?

    I agreee with "Marie at Hummingbird Treasures"--I like this one better. It's fused, it's fast, and it's almost completed. Who'da thunk it could be so easy?

  13. OH WOW - I really, really love this one. Amazing

  14. I love the value play and the secondary designs on this one. It's electric!

    Kristin F. in SC

    P.S. Glad no one was injured by the falling fixture!


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