Sunday, March 07, 2010


Spiderweb  49x46" 
hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine pieced and with ridiculously badly appliqued centers, machine quilted

I may go back and restitch the centers with fine thread since they look so lame, (I was tired when I sewed them) and there are a few spots which will get a line or more of quilting but I am really calling this one done. The rod pocket is already attached, so hanging will follow shortly.
Since you asked, here's the pattern dimensions I used:
When all the 12 sections are assembled the web measures about 15" across.
I learned a lot while making this piece. People say they have no patience for sewing, but one learns patience because of sewing.
I have been thinking a lot about the new wave of quilting that I have seen recently on the Fresh Modern Quilt Flickr group...what makes them so enthusiastic about making quilts? I can remember when I first began making quilts in 1981 and how excited I was, seeing quilt designs everywhere and wishing I had a million years left to sew them all. But back then the atmosphere was so strict and the expectations were so high for PERFECTION. It was daunting because the rules were the predominate focus. It was way icky.
When I began teaching I saw the fear about doing things correctly in most of my students. It was all I could do  to make them relax...
Now I see all these new quilters just diving into quilting and are not the least bit fearful and I have to hand the credit to Denyse Schmidt. When I first saw her website I had a bad attitude. The quilts were so simple and like "anyone could make these," so why should she have a career doing this? (I was all caught up in being original. Silly me.) But now, now I get it. The fact that they are simple makes them approachable and inviting to make. And she is even teaching improvisational quilting in her factory classroom! I gotta say, I am contrite.
This is a really wonderful. It gives me hope that our future quilters are going to be braver and more confident, more willing to give new things a try. That's a good thing. A very good thing.


  1. Nothing short of Amazing..I love this quilt. You did a great job.

  2. Incredible. And done incredibly quickly. Amazing as usual.

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM

    All color, all the time! I love the straight line quilting, specially those triangles at the top and bottom!

    And Yay to non-rule-following quilters, new and old, everywhere!

  4. Melody,
    Your quilt turned out beautiful! I am amazed how fast your worked on this. I am glad you were inspired by my original design and showed a contemporary approach with the colors that took a modern twist!
    Lovely finish with quilting too!

  5. I like the quilt but not so much the bright colors. If it's made for the bedroom how could you get any rest with all that "noise" going on...LOL I'm more conservative and like warmer, earthy colors and this would be just as lovely in those colors, too. Nice job.

    Yes, simple, easy quilts can be very beautiful. Like a classic, simple black dress, these types of quilts are timeless.

  6. Love it Melody! How do you do your circle applique? I use a yo-yo method and it works so great.

  7. 'I was all caught up in being original. Silly me.'

    I think the internet has removed any chance at originality! Anything I think to make or write or photograph has already been done, said, or shown, and much better than I could do it.

    Which leaves us with fun.

    Fun is good. Fun is fun.

  8. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Well said, Melody and Melissa.

  9. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Oops...forgot to say that I also think your quilt turned out really great!!

  10. Great quilt Melody.Too close to normal quilt blocks for me to have a go at, but I love the way you've changed "the rules" for this type of quilt e.g. the round applique centres instead of getting the points to meet, and the straight line quilting - these are the things that make the quilt work for me.

    The style of Fresh Modern Quilts and Denyse Schmidt are much more appealing to me than the traditional. I really like the minimalism, simplicity, and freshness, having never felt affinity with traditional blocks and muted colours so typical of many traditional quilts.

    Also interesting is the formation of the Modern Quilters Guild and how quickly it seems to be spreading.


  11. I have been amazed at your tenacity, as I've watched you progress through this quilt. You just kept going until it was completely finished. Wow! You are even cooler than I thought!

  12. Gorgeous! Your work never fails to cheer me.

  13. I'm also very excited by what I see in the flickr group. It really is that middle ground between the perfectly pieced and planned out traditional quilts and more free-spirited art quilts. It harkens back to tradition without being stifled by it.


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