Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garden Update

This is the front garden last Spring, as it was when we bought the place. The stone border was what we laughingly call rustic. Actually it was rather dangerous when one tried to work in the beds. The stones moved and I slipped several times, nearly injuring myself.
Not to mention that one side had landscape timbers with a decided tilt.
If one is going to have a decorative garden, then the framework must be decorative as well as safe. The opposite side had cemented stones requiring  brute force to remove. Not a job for Mrs. Mel.
This border was tolerated for the first couple of years but I started thinking that a a grown-up stone border was becoming increasingly necessary.
So Dave and our hired man Mike began to plan the removal.

Here is the new beautiful border. It is much larger on the left than previously. The top row of stones on the right will be removed to another spot in the yard. It is pretty darn stable and will be secured with adhesive in days to come.
 Here you can see how much more space has been added to the front of this bed. We bought about 30 bags of composted manure (40 lbs each) to fill this up.

The other bed is increased just a bit.
  The new dirt has been added. The right bed before picture and then the after picture below.

 Nice and neat.
And then a preview of coming attractions


  1. Magic (and a whole lot of work). A good use of creativity and you got to be outdoors for awhile. I actually spent an hour on the porch yesterday reading and loved every second of it.

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  3. Carol3:36 PM

    Isn't it amazing how much the curve takes the edge off and softens the garden.
    Isn't this gardening thing so rewarding.

  4. Uau!!! very beatiful!!! This is a great change, sure!
    And a lot of work....


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