Thursday, February 18, 2010

While the quilter's away...
Yesterday's drive to my knitting group is a good time to let the brain percolate and I did come up with a solution for my blocks. I will try it out today and post the results.
We have been feeding the birds since the snow has covered everything and we still had plenty of birdseed in the potting shed. Apparently the birds are not the only ones we are feeding.

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  1. Be carefu. Be very very careful. Our whole remodeling started with these little guys. Where there is one, there are dozens more. We ended up with a summer of catching 28 nesting in our foundation. You have that correctly 28 last summer. They are cute, but keep the seed away from the house.

    Sorry, to be the barier of this news....

    Kate - The Garden Bell - <3 <3 <3

  2. In the meantime, that little guy looks like he's in chipmunk heaven.

  3. They are so much fun to watch while drinking the morning coffee or hot tea.

  4. They are cute, but I guess that when you have a bunch of them 'demolishing' your house, they aren't that cute anymore. Just like the mice we have at the building I work in.

  5. Sigh...he is a cutie-pie...

  6. Did you know chipmunks are carnivorous? Much to our horror, we found one in the garage last summer, feasting on a dead bird. Hopefully he found it dead, and didn't hunt it down and kill it. Of course, now we have a running joke about being attacked by a chipmunk while we're out in the woods!

  7. Where are the cats when you need them? Mine devoured our chipmunk population a long time ago. Great photos! I wonder how you managed to capture such action shots from what must have been a distance.


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