Friday, February 19, 2010

The Old Dog Ate My Homework Defence
It was a spectacularly sunny and warm day yesterday. The kind where the melting snow dripping off the eaves sounds like constant rain. A deliciously sunny day which shone light on the messes I had left in piles around the house. Just a few things to pick up and put away before I get back to my quilting. La dee dah.
One thing led to another and before I knew it I had cleared off my work table!
Under it was a bag of muslin backing fabric which I folded up nicely and put away, off the floor and into the closet.. In it's place I slid the side table, which I need every so often. The taboret was full of old acrylic paint and other art supplies which really didn't need to be at hand. Why not make it a sewing equipment drawer set? I don't have one and I definitely need one! 

There is something so satisfying about emptying drawers and finding new homes for the contents (the garbage can, for instance). There were a few items that were worth saving and since I discovered space in the art supplies armoire, they were moved there.

It turns out that I found the containers I really wanted for my shelves (at Target) when I was in town on Wednesday, so I planned to return my Wal-mart versions (above). But wait. Maybe I want to keep them. I filled a couple with paint-y stuff and will consider keeping the rest. I am sure something will come to mind. 

There was an extra table in my studio that was always in the way and Dave helped me move it to the bubble tub room in my bed suite. I decide to set it up as a tea and coffee bar, getting out the Flavia coffee maker which has been closeted for about two years.
Since we got the hot tub we never use our indoor bubble tub. The room became a dumping ground for stuff, and I spent some time putting things away, sweeping up the dusty corners and making it nice again. A sunny day will do that. 

Now the space is more wide open in the studio and it is so much more inviting. I was all set to sit down and sew when the phone rang. It was my sister and we had a nice chat about quilting and why we do it. I discovered that there is a quilting store in GA just over the border and about 15 minutes from her house and we talked about visiting it soon. Even tho I am NOT buying anymore quilt fabric...
Enough folderol. It was time to get back to the machine. The house was clean (not counting the dishes) and I was just going to add another round of strips to the blocks.
I sat down, sewed about ten blocks and then
How can this be? No wind or sleet or snow storms, no trees falling on the power lines...I waited. Nothing.
It was 2pm. What can I do in the meantime? No sewing, that's for sure. Grrrr.
I balanced the check book. I can do that anytime, but it seemed like an appropriate moment.
Then I sat in the sun and knitted for a while.
Dave called the electric company about 4:30 and they didn't know we had no power. Soon it would be dark. Let's get this fixed people! 
Luckily we have a boatload of candles.
In the meantime I reshelved some books and cleared out the excess papers in my knitting notebook.
I mean, seriously, I was on a clearing out binge.
It was 6:30 when the lights went back on. What a relief. I thought I might miss Grey's Anatomy. Now that would have been a real disaster.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Nice, clean, bright sewing area. I hate to admit it - but I am in envy! :) Just curious what kind of ceiling lights you have.

  2. Must be something in the air this week that is charging us with the need to be extra busy. I go like the knitting though - love the yarn.

  3. Your house is a virtual playground! So fun!

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Ah but this means you've now started the day with a clean, newly organized studio so you're gonna rock the making today!

  5. You must have lost your Dragbutt (love that term). No worries, I've got it.

  6. By the by, have you discovered any unbelievablely priced yarn sources lately?Have you been here?

    (another art quilter smitten with the urge to knit, what is with that? Reading your blog, I see there is no cure.)

  7. OH Pat, what have you done? I don't NEED more yarn, but the Darn Good Yarn Shop has me hooked. They even have recycled silk yarn on sale...too tempting!

    Hey Mel, wanna come clean up my house? ;) This place definitely has that lived-in look!

  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Hi Mel - I have enabled my email so you can tell me about your lights. I am not able to email out but others are able to email me. It is a Yahoo problem that I am still trying to figure out. Thank you for your patience.

  9. irene4:43 PM

    Can you give us some information on the quilt hanging above your work table? is this fused or pieced? How about a straight on photo shot?
    Just found your blog and you are a great inspiration.


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