Sunday, February 14, 2010

QAWM: Day Whatever
Beautiful Leftovers

Yesterday I came down with what my sister had last week. She calls it Dragbutt. Wonderfully descriptive name, doncha think? My version included an earache and an in ability to concentrate, or design much. But I managed to make some blocks that are the very simplest form or house shape ever.

Following the directions in Sandi Cummings book I cut 4.5" squares and then smaller 2.5" squares. Lining them up I sewed diagonally, and then trimmed off the triangles seen above.

The resulting blocks look like little house shapes, no?

 I plan on setting them with this large piece of hand dyed fabric from last summer. It's funny to me how relaxed I feel about using up this piece of fabric, compared to the way I once felt about saving these for 'something important'. What was that important thing I wanted to use it for? I can't think now. And also, I know I can make more, which is a great feeling.
Hand dyed cotton, 35.5 x 41.5"


  1. Love that piece of fabric. I agree, I've saved fabric for years, and now I ask, what am I saving it for? It's much more useful as a quilt than sitting on a shelf somewhere!

    I got Thinking Outside The Block by Sandi Cummings from the library last week, and I love it! I'll be ordering my own copy next month.

  2. I love the fabric. Using it is sharing it. That's a beautiful thing.

  3. I love the fabric. Using it is sharing it. That's a beautiful thing.

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

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  5. It's so fun watching you come up with things we haven't seen from you before! Your fabrics add so much to the purchased ones! I'm loving this whole series!!!!

  6. Dragbutt. That explains why I am re-reading Lackey's Valdemar series instead of finishing piecing my quilt, finishing the drapes, doing the chairs cushion cover, doing laundry, or cleaning my kitchen (and rest of the house).

    Meanwhile, I love your blog. I so enjoy sharing how you create! Is that another symptom of Dragbutt? That I am here, and not on my hands and knees getting the floor cleaned?

  7. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Ooh! Those are cute blocks - sorta like flying fun would it be to make them all wonky???

  8. Cute blocks indeed. I love your colors. I love this hand-dyed cotton from last year. I know how paralyzed I become when I think I have to save my favorite fabrics for "something important"--a thought that really impedes creativity.
    Happy Valentine's Day to all! Guess what ... it's my birthday. :)

  9. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I must be getting hooked on this quilting thing. My immediate thought on seeing the construction of the houses was that you should sew another seam parallel to the first one so when you trim off the corners, you have a completed square without having to fiddle with the triangles again.

    Love the houses, love the background.


  10. Thanks for adding your cheerful color zing to another of my days. Jeez blogs are great!

  11. Hi Melody, I love your bright colours, especially the hand-dyeds. I have read your helpful blogs in the past about the dyeing process you used, but just wanted to ask another question. When I have tried dyeing before, the colours I've got are no where near as bright and clear as yours- mine turn out a bit murky or muted. Is it a matter of dyeing it twice or some other step I'm missing? Thanks so much for all the colour you put in the day! karen

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