Wednesday, February 03, 2010

QAWM:Day Four
O dear.

It's a whopper, and not all the finished blocks are up on my 4'x6' pinup wall. I made 28 light and 29 dark blocks (or the other way around...?) and each finished square set is between 9.75" and 10.25", so the diagonal measurement is around 13". YIPES. 
I hadn't considered that is would end up being this large. And I haven't yet added the outer triangles which could bring it up another two to four more inches.
I'll tell you right now I am not going to be the quilter of this monster. While it is not the largest quilt I ever made (my first through fourth quilts were 100" + square) I feel I don't have to prove anything by quilting this myself. I am sure there is a longarm person out there (or nearby) that would like the assignment.
Now that these blocks are sewn, I need to square them up and find the 'perfect' outer triangle my stash, which is the only rule in this quilt-along. I have plenty of hand dyed green, but I am leaning toward the darker color...more purple to emphasize the purples in the mix. And I think that would make the lighter blocks pop out more.
Today I am going to my knitting group, seeing Brooke for lunch, and grocery shopping while I am out, so no sewing will happen here.

Of course there is still knitting going on. This Poems sock yarn looked much brighter online than it did when it arrived in the mail. A little subtler than my usual choice, however it is yummy to knit, which counts. One sock is finished and one to start soon. I am using my Peppermintoes sock pattern for this pair. I wanted to see what a single yarn would look like, and of course, with this long repeat colorway, it is interesting enough to satisfy me.  
And I have another Baktus scarf on the needles. The multicolored yarn is bamboo and the white is silk/viscose, which knits to a very drapey fabric. This is going to be a summer weight scarf, which one needs...yes?


  1. It's looking better and better.

  2. I like it! Have you put a dent in your stash of printed fabrics yet?

  3. Very balanced now. And happy! Awesome.

  4. The top is looking awesome! Such a happy mix of colours.

  5. The "V" arrangement is a great choice!

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