Thursday, February 04, 2010

QAWM: Day Five

By Jove! I have the fabric for my border triangles. It was here in my stash for lo these many years. And I mean many many years. It's an overdyed (not by me!) cotton plaid with batiked polka dots. How perfect is that? Three yards ought to cover the spaces.

To further explain how to fill in the gaps of an on point layout, as per Wanda's instructions, measure the diagonal measurement of the block, and add two inches. Cut a square equal to that measurement, or in this case, cut a 15 inch square. Then cut that square diagonally into four triangles. One side, the longest side will be the outer edge of the quilt and will be on the straight of the grain. The other two sides will be on the bias, and will be sewn to the quilts blocks. This way there is very little chance rippling edges in the finished quilt. Genius!

 On another note...after my sister and I had lunch we conspired to scout out the one and only quilt shop in all of Chattanooga. I made a promise not to buy anything and it held true.
While we were there, the iced tea Brooke had been 'renting' became an urgency and she found her way to the ladies room of the shop. It happened to be through the classroom where three gals were having a nice sewing hour. I was occupied in another area of the store when I heard Brooke loudly giggling.  She called me to the ladies room and I had to join in her hilarity. Soon the gals in the classroom joined us and then the store owner. What's so funny?

There on the lavatory wall was my quilt poster from 1996! The quilt is Hot Fun and it was the Best Wall Quilt of 1995, so 15 years later it shows up in my new home town!_____
Perhaps you may have noticed that I changed the layout of the blog. It is a work in progress and I felt it was time to spruce up the site a bit. I am still getting used to the look.


  1. Marcie7:30 AM

    I like the new layout - clean, modern, and easy to read.

  2. Nancy and I saw that poster when we went to that shop before your dyeing workshop last May. I meant to tell you about it but forgot!

  3. Fame follows you wherever you go! Too funny!
    BTW, I like the new blog look! It's always nice to re-arrange the 'furniture' from time to time!

  4. Seeing that poster after 15 years has to make you feel validated all over again! Your work is timeless. Love the fabric you found for the borders. Stashes are the bomb!

  5. The classics never go out of style. Like the new look.

  6. Thanks for clarifying the measurements! Lauren

  7. So cool to have found that poster in a shop you just happened to seek out!!!!! It kind of gives me the such a good way. The women there must have been thrilled when you walked back there!!!!

  8. Thank you for the clear formula for calculating the measurements of setting triangles. Brilliant!

    I also like the new layout. One thing I noticed though is that the thumbnail of your casa in the top of the left sidebar is actually almost 600KB in size. This took some time to download on Australia's pitiful excuse for broadband but will be diabolical for your dial up readers...

  9. Brenda,
    I am taking your advice and removing that picture which will hopefully make downloading speedier.

  10. We are really on the same wavelength! I rearranged and spruced up my blog a couple weeks ago. I also moved my profile and sidebar to the left. I like it! Love the clean, white blog. I am increasingly irritated by colored backgrounds.

  11. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Sorry to be negative, but I find it much easier to use the sidebar with it on the right. Being a right-handed person it was easier to click on the right side than have to move my mouse across the screen.

    Thanks for all the postings and info.

  12. I bought that quilt poster in 1998 on my first visit to Paducah. It's been hanging somewhere in the house ever since, and is currently in the kitchen. It seems to me that quilt shops in general have interesting rest rooms---always something fun to look at!


  13. Anonymous10:06 PM

    That quilt, that WONDERFUL quilt, is the quilt that got me started in my quest for becoming an artist. Ahhhh how I love it so!

    Love your new blog layout - and the FONT in the header! What is it called - I LOVE IT!

  14. Anonymous6:01 AM

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  15. I see anonymous and I are in the minority but I too preferred the sidebar on the right. Reading and scrolling from left to right are automatic and I was able to take in the entire page at once. Now I have to backtrack. But I'm a faithful reader who can't imagine not checking your blog each day no matter the layout.


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