Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Page for QAWM'ers
I'm all excited about having the ability to make a linking page from the blog. And since we are all in this QAWM thing together, I'd really like to post finished tops (no need to quilt while we are stash busting) on a page devoted to QAWMing.
Some of you have blogs and about the same number don't so I am asking, no begging you (blog or not)  to send me pictures of the tops you have finished. Add the size of the piece too. There is no expected size for your pieces, and even little things count. I have very few rules, since having them means breaking them almost instantly.
By the end of the month we should have quite a quilt show posted for all the world to see.
My email is in the sidebar...
Thanks in advance.
I got all off course trying to make an art quilt out of my prints and had to get that out of my system. What I really need to do is re-focus on using up the fabric and making the most of my prints. Whatever that means. Take a look at Wanda's site, ever inspirational. I could use up all my stash just making log cabin blocks, which is what the original block is, in a way. What I love about the log cabin is that there is very little waste, no bias usually and plenty of opportunity for drama in the layouts. So back on the horse, as soon as I get back from knitting group, shopping, seeing my sister today.


  1. I love your photos and those of the others involved in the project. I so want to dig out my scraps but no time at the moment. But its certainly food for thought for a later date.

  2. Melody, I did make several blocks using your 4.5, l.5 and 2.5
    However, Thimbleberries do not lend itself to excitement when I cut them on the diagonal.
    So I cut into quarters and blah. I do have a tablerunner as a result but BORING :-(
    Could be just the the 'colors' I used, which were lite, med. dark values.
    I'll post the runner this afternoon.
    Will begin another this afternoon.

  3. I've got all the blocks on my design wall and am trying to get a good layout. I am a little out of depth trying to use too many colours at once but I think I have something workable once I changed the layout from a #4 to something that looks like #4 across the whole top. I have yet to take a photo of that. I think I'll do that, look at the photo to see if anything needs to move around and then sew it up. It should finish at 38 x 47.5. I will need to add borders to make it a lap quilt size though.

  4. Melody, what alovely idea. You are so organised as always. It will be lovely to see what all of the QAWNers have done. I have set myself a target of having mine completed by Feb 23rd as I shall be going away for the last week of the month and will not be able to sew. After all it is meant to be a February Challenge, and it is good for me to have a deadline. I always work best under pressure! So, I had best get back to the sewing machine now......

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Fun Fun Fun! I've got 4 baby quilts I REALLY NEED to make - maybe I'll use this as impetus to get them done...woohoo!

  6. Ok, I was inspired to play with my scraps, seeing as how we had bad, gray weather. I pulled out the bright colors and made blocks. I had made 1 block with a monster on it over a year ago, and somehow he managed to get into the middle of the blocks! Now tell me how to send you a picture from my digital camera and I'll do it! You have an email address?


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