Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fresh Modern Quilts: Whiteness

I admit to spending way too many hours on the Fresh Modern Quilts Flickr site, drooling. I noticed something which seems to be pervasive. White or very light pastel color is used often. It does make them look fresh. I never ever thought to use white in a quilt. Ever.
Learned something new.

 Of course I had to join the site. I know I don't fit in, but what else is new?
I wanna play.
I moved things around a bit on the ol' sidebar because several new readers have been asking several old questions and didn't know that all is revealed in excruciating detail in the Helpful Stuff links.
Here are the answers: I use a lot of dye. Machine quilting thread, not hand quilting thread, I never wash my fused quilts, Wonder-Under, fusing prevents fraying, I stitch next to but not on top of the edge of a fused piece and no, it is not pieced, it is fused, escape hatch finish, no binding.
That ought to cover it.


  1. Funny you should mention that about the white. I discovered that myself a couple of months ago in this post

    and immediately went out and bought some tone on tone white fabric

  2. Not only white but also the color lime which becomes a basic in all these new quilts, the color appears only now, before we could not see. Best wishes from Switzerland, where it snows.

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Apparently we liked the same quilts from the Fresh Modern Quilts site. I think they are all from the same
    Lots of fun ideas!

  4. What a fun game - here are the answers - you supply the questions. I like the white added but it doesn't compare with your use of color.

  5. Judy from Northport1:49 PM

    Love the answers. Must we respond in the form of a question?

  6. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I LOVE that answer! It really does cover a lot and it's smart of you to tweak your sidebar so that maybe you won't get so many of the same questions!

    OOH! What if you put another widget (or whatever they're called in blogger) right about your "helpful stuff" widget with a header like "Quick answers to all your questions" and then the answer in this post - and then refer them to the list right below?

    And, WELCOME to Flickr! YAY!

  7. I don't think the colors are pastel. I see the brights in there, but the white tones them down a little and gives your eye a break.
    I think those are redpepper quilts. I love her blog and her clean lines. She has a new design on her blog that I like.
    They are very pretty and I love them, but yours have an energy and vitality that isn't here... these are bed quilts, children quilts, baby quilts. Yours are more of an art quilt. Different genre.

  8. I recently became aware of the Fresh Modern Quilts on Flickr recently too and find myself browsing through them a lot. Great work in there!

  9. You have solidified my white wishes. I used black on some of my boldest quilts and immediately wished I had chosen white. I knew better but didn't listen to myself. Silly me. You're giving me the itch to make it right next time.

  10. Have been viewing this site for awhile now and my ideas about quilts are changing too. Not only white, but simpler patterns and not a lot of "blocks". Lots of improvisational blocks along with those who use patterns from the "fresh, modern" designers. Was surprised at Dresden Plates. Lots of squares, log cabins, and wonky piecing. I am inspired.

  11. Think I will have to start adding white now!!!

    I thought that you might like to know that I have given you a sunshine award for your fab blog.

    Read about it here...


  12. Hi Melody,

    You have selected some great quilts from the Fresh Modern Quilt group on flickr.

    If you use images from other quilters, it is always polite to detail who they belong to by linkng back to their blog or website.

  13. Anonymous5:15 PM

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