Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Back to QAWM
Now that the fabric is all shelved and neat as a pin (temporarily I am certain) I am going back to working on the quilt at hand. Nothing has changed since the last time I posted it, but I am fortified with renewed vigor, a cuppa tea and a nice clean floor and will attempt to make all the pieces fit together in perfect alignment. As if.
In the meantime, Dear Old Blogger (I try to be nice) has offered us a new toy. Pages. See the top link on the sidebar. Up to ten pages can be linked to the old blog, just like a real website. What fun!


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

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  2. I saw how neat and tidy your fabric is, Melody.
    I'm still making scrap strip place/table mats. I hit number twelve last nite. Boy, is that pile of strips disappearing.
    LOVE, LOVE your new shelf area. Good job.

  3. Hi Melody, I just checked out your new "pages". What fun! This feature offers a whole new range of possibilities.


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