Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Learning 3 new-to-me techniques

The new to me Afterthought heel. The first picture shows decreases which begin and end with K1 . Liz in IN wrote me that she eliminates the K1 and just does the decrease alone, thus making a heel that doesn't replicate the toe. That is how I did the heel in the middle picture. The big black heel I frogged, as it was too much and felt funny.
The second technique was the Easy Toe (for toe up socks) which I REALLY REALLY like.

And the third new technique is the picot edge cuff.

Here it is in progress.

K2tog, yo, repeat for the rest of the round. After that knit as usual for the same length, since you will be folding over the top and attaching it inside the sock.

1. folded over and attached cuff. 2. picking up the loop of the purl stitch (leg of the sock) and knitting it together with the stitch on the needle and then casting both off.
3 and 4 are the finished interior of the sock.

The sock looks dopey off the foot and terrific on the foot.

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  1. Have you seen the new toe up cast on that Cat Bordhi has a video on? I think it's called Magic Cast on and was developed by Judy Becker. Here's the Knitty write up which I found a bit confusing:


    And here is Cat's video which I found clearer.


    I love this toe up cast on. Give it a whirl when you're in yarn mode again!


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