Saturday, January 30, 2010


It is already melting and under the crust of ice is mushy snow. It began yesterday afternoon and we got almost five inches before the rain and sleet began in earnest. Dave and I were sitting in the hot tub when I felt my hair crusted with ice. What a strange sensation.

My darling little magnolia is bent from the weight of accumulated ice and snow. I hope she springs right back up when all this white disappears.

It is so foggy and I tried to hold that milky quality in these images.  No one is on the road, but we did see one snowplow late yesterday afternoon. Dave says they don't spread salt here, but sugar beet granules to melt the snow. Can that be true?

Our hoped for Pampas Grass may not agree that we are in zone 7a.
I'm so glad we have nowhere to go and are tucked in dry and warm in our mountain home.


  1. A wise deceison not to go anywhere in this kind of weather! So did we. Happy cocooning!

  2. YUCK!! We live in NW PA and have had about 50" of snow so far this year but lucked out and didn't get any of this mess. We had a January thaw a couple weeks ago so most of our snow is gone. Stay inside, have a nice glass of wine, cuddle up by the fireplace, if you have one, and enjoy the day together :)

  3. It went straight past us and to the south... thankfully!

  4. glad you two are snuggled in safe & sound. It's 16 here but thankfully no far

  5. Sorry to hear about all your ice and the trees. I does look beautiful though. I bet you still remember how to drive in this stuff... but it's the others you have to worry about. Enjoy your weekend inside.

    Kate-The Garden Bell

  6. My hubby's in TN right now visiting his kids and grandkids. I thought he'd get a break from a northern Michigan winter, but it looks like he brought it with him instead! It's cold here, but sunny--no ice.

  7. Anonymous7:16 PM

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  8. Ellie9:19 PM

    What a beautiful scene ... enjoy. I am here in Western Australia - we've had sun, about 200 clouds go by and no rain all January. Can we swap weather?
    Love your inspirational site.

  9. I am in Central Canada and in an area where we get substantial snow and freezing rain. Your sweet magnolia tree is likely to survive. I hope the ice came off if quickly. I am so surprised you get such extreme weather in Tennessee! Wow! I am so glad you are going to quilt in February. Welcome Back!!

  10. have a nice glass of wine, cuddle up by the fireplace, if you have one, and enjoy the day together :)

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