Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Our plans changed for lunch at the Blue Chair and instead we traveled to Winchester TN to check out Arezzo's restaurant for our lunch. Housed in a former bank with wonderful high ceilings and big sun filled windows, reflecting off the shiny granite floors, we enjoyed our meal, and chatted a mile a minute. So much to catch up on... After lunch we went to Hammer's Department Store on the square. This is a chain in the South and it feels like going back in time to the stores of my childhood. They carry just about anything. I got all this quilt fabric for under $10!

We tried to go antiquing too, but none of the stores were open for business. Then we returned to Sewannee and tried to check out a new gallery called Locals, also closed. Finally we hit pay dirt at the St. Andrews Sewanee School Gallery. Wonderful inventive art was on display.

We both liked this presentation of photos by Betsy Dewitt (they misspelled her name Besty!). The pieces of found lumber are gold leafed to bring it up a notch and make it artier.
Dead Bird collection.

Margaret Cogswell made this quilt called Dog Party and the next three works are hers too. Hand made and illustrated books in fanciful display holders.

Give me a little whimsy and I get all excited.
Below is a piece of student work which was hung too high to see the artist's name, but I love it.

A totally lovely day with lots of laughing and art talk. Just the shot in the old arm for me. And it is a great feeling to know one can see art in small towns too.


  1. I'm absolutley jealous of your day out. Looks wonderful!

    I finally am putting up a post on my blog,, of one of your fabulous quilts. I chose Sydney, of Urban Landscapes 1. I've scheduled the post to come out on January 15th.

    I can't say enough about your work. Love Love Love it!

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  3. Speaking of Sewanee, have you been to the Faye Jones Chapel at the School of Divinity? It is a very spiritual place.

  4. Oh, that looks like so much fun! And the dead birds... well... I don't know what to say about them other than to note them. LOL! Sorry so much stuff was closed, hope that's just hours and not an economy thing.

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

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