Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O Happy Day!
My friend and former dye workshop student Cathy B sent me this wonderful sock book which is loaded with history and tantalizing socks to knit. I am all about socks, y'know.
And then dear friend quilter/knitter/author Liza Lucy sent me long quarters of all the gorgeous fabrics from Keiko Goke's new line. They are all available at Glorious Color
I'm sorry, I still don't have a link to her newest book.
And then, you won't believe this, but a few months ago Dave (Mr. Mulch) was picking up mulch in Coalmont TN and met up with a group of folks showing off their alpacas.

They chatted about raising these darlings and getting wool from them, and
Dave mentioned that his wife is a knitter and dyer and then he gave them my blog url or something...
Melissa at Cria Kisses is that person, AND....Drum Roll

She has loads of free manure for me! My Christmas wish has been granted.
So wasn't that a fabulous day for me? You betcha!

PS. Sandy of SandysQuilts was the one who provided the idea for the Christmas bags on my previous post. Thanks a bunch Sandy!


  1. LOL! I thought you were gonna get alpaca wool or an alpaca of your very own and you got alpaca dodo? Thanks for making my morning fun. Happy Holiday to you and your family. So thrilled that you have Brooke and her family close by.

  2. One of my dearest friends lives just outside Atlanta and has a friend who raises Alpacas. My friend sent me a bag of Alpaca "hair", as I was informed it is called. It's been "cleaned", but I have no idea what to do with it. I don't normally make the type of art that infuses/includes real hair or fur. Any suggestions? I'd be happy to pass it on...

  3. Hi Melanie, just want to thank you for your terrific blog. I enjoy it so much. I just wonder if you ever sleep or do the knitting fairies come in the night? I am retired and I cannot keep up with you.Again thank you so much and happy holidays! Atie

  4. I'm with Gerrie... thought sure you were getting an Alpaca for your very own! But the manure is a good thing for the garden... maybe next year the Alpaca!


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