Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gift Bags

A few days ago I read on SandyQuilts blog that she made up gift bags for all her presents and then retrieved the bags to use again next year. What a great idea I thought, and decided to follow her lead and make my own.
I spent one and half hours trying to find the box with my printed fabrics, and as you can see I did find them, in the potting shed. Duh.
They are about 20" tall and the base is 5" square.
I used all sorts of prints on the outside but the linings are all alike, red with green, white and black dots. Now all I need are gifts to put inside and ribbons to tie them up. I am starting my shopping today, now that all the snow is melted.

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  1. They look very festive!

  2. Pretty! I can't wait to recieve mine. :-D

    Made me laugh!

  3. They are great.
    But what I always wonder is do you let the recipient take the gift home in the bag or do you say leave the bag here so I can use it next year?
    And when you send me my present in one do I have to send the bag back?! Big Sis

  4. Perhaps the other blog on gift bags was Craft Nectar? http://craftnectar.com/2009/12/18/5-minute-family-gift-bags-step-by-step/

    Very much enjoy your blog.

  5. It was probably me


    I like yours ... might make some like yours next year.


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