Friday, October 30, 2009

Just A Little Online Shopping

I don't have to tell you that when you find a pair of shoes that make your feet feel heavenly that you should buy a second pair. What if the style turns out to be discontinued? That was just the case with the Easy Spirit shoes that both my sister and I bought recently. (That would be just so like us). We seemed to have gotten the last two pairs. My little toes haven't been so happy since Reebok discontinued their old purple hightops.
But I wanted to see if I could find my new fave online and lo and behold I found a pair on Ebay. Cringe. Buying shoes online? I gulped but hit enter. A few days later I won and that made me feel lucky (DANGER!!). Are there anymore that are available? Yes! and I just found out I won those too. Both are priced less than the ones we bought in town, especially since we pay such high sales tax.
Flushed with success, I continued to shop. What else do I need? ...yarn? No. Not. Yarn.

I swear I couldn't pass up this bargain. Julia's Yarn Shop on Ebay was having a remarkable auction on wool that would easily pass for Noro, only smoother, more like Poems. And the price? Ridiculous. $2 per skein. Eeek. Must hit enter. It came yesterday and now I wish I had bought more bags. Just luscious.
But my best, and of course I saved it for last, is the Brita water filter. Our water is a tad hard and when I brew tea I get a difficult to describe residue on the surface. We had the same thing in IL when our water softener needed recharging. So I have been buying gallons of distilled water for my tea and altho it isn't expensive, I felt bad about all those plastic jugs...
But would the Brita do the trick? Answer: You betcha!

And it has an idiot button to remind me when to change the filter. Sigh. OK, the bargain story. I usually look at for stuff like this, because I can save on shipping and pick it up at the local store when I grocery shop. They don't sell these in the store itself. But this time there was no offer for store pick-up. Hmm. Shipping+sales tax brought this item from $35 to $50. I figured I could do better. A quick search took me to and I got it for $35, free shipping and no tax. Lovely.
Remember when we were all afraid to buy anything online? Now that Paypal makes me feel safer, I am a real fingers-do-the-walking kind of shopper.


  1. You should go into the personal shopping business. You are good at this!

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Glad the Brita is working for you - but if you want distilled water and don't want to buy gallon after gallon at the store- then there is a home distiller that is a counter top model. Makes a gallon in about 4 hours. Check under dental supplies as we bought one to supply our sterilizer at the office.
    Nina in BC

  3. Good bargains!!! I do 99% of my shopping (except groceries...LOL) online. I hate going out to shop and I especially don't like giving Walmart any more of my money than I have to. There are some great buys online if you just take the time to look for them....some, like you discovered, better than Walmart :)


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