Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hot Tub Today!

Wednesday we went to Chattanooga to find our hot tub. This picture looks something like what we chose. Ours has a white interior and a gray exterior, but mostly everything else is the same.
It never occured to me to get a 2-3 person hot tub, not a great big six person size. But I am being more realistic in my old age and this size is much more practical and sensible. It's not like we have a huge group of friends here that might regularly drop by for a soak. My sister lives an hour away and she has a big swimming pool at her apartment complex, so one would assume that she and the rest of the family won't be using this with us. Pretty much it is just for me and Dave so that is why we chose this model.
Today they will deliver and install it, and I have my loyal and fabulous electrician coming too, to put in the juice to power the thing.
I say that knowing full well that these things never run as smoothly as planned. So far no rain is predicted, so with any luck we will be soaking in hot water under the stars by the end of the day.
Speaking of not running client has responded to the quilt top I made and wrote "the completed top is an absolutely beautiful piece, but unfortunately it doesn't feel like the right fit for us". There were suggestions for changes, but since no money had been exchanged I had the option to pull out of our agreement, which is just what I did. Funny, I don't feel too bad about this. I am happy with the piece and will enjoy quilting it and perhaps it will find it's own home in the future.
As I have mentioned previously, commissions are tricky. There is something about what a person sees in their mind's eye that isn't always possible to reproduce by someone else.


  1. Your client's loss is your gain, Mel. It is a beautiful piece! Happy soaking!

  2. Amazing... I go through that with my tie-dye clothing too, but I just put the unpurchased item on the rack, and someone else comes along and buys it eventually.
    Meanwhile, enjoy your hot tub!

  3. I'm kind of stunned! Did they say what about this wasn't what they were expecting? I wouldn't be upset either, since it's such a gorgeous piece but if I were the client, I would have to have it!!!! I think they'll be kicking themselves when they see it finished. I'm anxiously awaiting that myself!!!

  4. Also....I'd love to hear what they wanted changed....if you feel you can tell us.

  5. Perhaps she wasn't really committed to the commission. People tend to talk before they think. This piece was exceptional and it will find a home.

    Enjoy your tub.

  6. That's a stunning piece of artwork (even before the quilting)and it's the customer's loss. If you tried to do something not authentic to you, then the customer still wouldn't be happy and you wouldn't either. Follow the "Field of Dreams" philosophy - finish it & they will come. Can't wait to see the finish! And thanks for the cookie recipe!!

  7. diane9:19 AM

    I'm just catching up on your blog again and I'm just stunned beyond words that the client didn't want this piece. I thought it was breathtakingly beautiful. I can't wait to see how you quilt it.

    You always amaze me!

  8. OMG!!Stunning. If only all my disposable income was not tied up in the new sewing room....gahhh

  9. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I'm sure offers by the dozens will come pouring in from serious and appreciative buyers! What could they object to with this fabulous piece?

  10. Can not believe the turn-down. Talk is cheap and when it comes time to open the pocketbook things come to a screaching halt is, in this case, a truism.

  11. Anonymous11:41 AM

    What changes were suggested? Are they too difficult to do at this point or do you just not feel like changing your design idea to the customer's preference? Commissions almost always involve adjustments to designs and you should get paid after the initial sketch is approved (idea + materials), then before making any requested changes to a work in progress and finally upon completion of the work. If there is no dialogue during the process, it's not surprising the customer had something else in mind, even though your piece is beautiful as artwork.

  12. I am SO jealous! LOL

  13. hilary6:01 PM

    As the top has been fused, surely there's no way to change it other than starting over, and then no guarantee the client will like version 2. I agree it's better to cut the "losses" of time and enjoy the quilt until an appreciative buyer comes along.

  14. I am also stunned that your client didn't want the final piece. Her comment "doesn't feel like the right fit for us" sounds ambiguous and rather arrogant to me. What does it mean, anyway? Re: what anonymous said, was the initial sketch approved? If it was, I think you should have been paid. Good thing you had the choice to pull out of the agreement.

    Kristin F. in SC

  15. They are idiots, that's all there is to it!

  16. Love this piece..... it will find it's ultimate happy home and owner faster than you can get all pruny!!!Enjoy the tub.....I'm so envious!

  17. Thankfully for us you are a quilt artist and not a mind reader! It is a beautiful piece - cant wait to see it finished. But wait we must as you will be too busy soaking in your new tub!

  18. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of fabric art I have seen in eons! You outdid yourself and the "commissioners" are idiots!

  19. Your commissioned piece is astoundingly beautiful, as are all your quilts. Commissions may be tricky, but they must have known your style and sensibilities. I would think myself incredibly blessed to own a quilt such as this.

  20. Anonymous12:29 AM

    i had not checked your blog for sometime, however when i looked tonight and saw some of the offensive comments directed at me (the individual that commissioned the quilt) i felt the need to respond. we truly admired your work which is why we were very open to your interpretation. our only requests were the dimensions we discussed and the general color scheme. there was no "approved sketch" and you requested no deposit until you started quilting. we were actually quite surprised (and disappointed) when you informed us that the finished piece was not at all the size we had discussed. as an artist myself, i completely understand how the work sometimes takes one in another direction and had no problem when you did not wish to compromise such a beautiful piece. we were extremely disappointed but could not afford to purchase a piece that was not going to fit properly in the space we had. i find it sad that others are so quick to judge without knowing the full situation. we wish you only the best.

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