Friday, October 09, 2009

Draft Dodger #2

I am gonna get this right if it kills me.
My cool weather gear involves long sleeve t-shirts, some of which have no collars. I get drafty at the back of my neck and knew I could fix this problem with a knit like this.
Since I love modular knitting, it had to be mitered diamonds. And to make it even more fun I added a border of points, which I couldn't find a pattern for, and had to devise on my own. I think they may be leaning more toward scallops than triangles.
This is where the fun begins, trying to shoot myself in the bathroom mirror. I got one really perfect shot, except that when I saw it on the screen I noticed lots of toothpaste spatters on the mirror, obfuscating my creation.
I am close to 'getting' this the way I want it. Next one must have larger diamonds on the back and smaller ones on the front. This can be done. Then I will write the pattern. There might be someone else who needs this kind of mini poncho.
Why am I not making a sweater? I have lots of sweaters already that I love, but it never gets so cold here that I wear them daily. I am not complaining.
The hot tub is not ready for prime time, as the electrical part isn't finished. Underground and underhouse stuff will be completed today and then there is the priming of the system, so maybe tonight we will get to try it out. We checked the view from the road, and we are pretty much hidden. And if you saw anything, you would definitely wish you hadn't.
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  1. Beautiful design! Makes me think about knitting, but I'm too busy doing other things to try a new thing right now... meanwhile, I really enjoy watching you design and create!

  2. Very nice with the black. We all want pics of the prime time debut in the Tub.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. This is incredibly GORGEOUS! Can't wait for the pattern. Enjoy the hot tub!

  4. The colors are better in the two pics at the top. More of a navy blue, not black as it may have looked.

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Oh, I like this. very. much.

    Rhonda M.

  6. Pattern, please! It's lovely!

    Perhaps you will bring back the dickey as a fashion statement? More of a shaped cowl, perhaps.

  7. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I definitely need the pattern - love the colors, so you!

  8. thanks for sharing your great idea. that looks really great. I also would like to copy it, if I knew how! a pattern would be very, very generous - please!
    best wishes from austria.

  9. Anonymous4:02 PM

    "And if you saw anything, you would definitely wish you hadn't" SO FUNNY! That's my attitude exactly re: our hot tub too!

  10. This is "wear" the fun begins. You are sooo funny. I couldn't have thought of this myself. I really enjoyed reading this post - it has brightned up my morning. I too cannot wait for the pattern as it is getting chilly here in the UK. I could never envisage having a hot tub - our neighbours are far too close for comfort! Enjoy.

  11. I love this! So pretty and practical!

  12. This is a beautiful "draft dodger". I really like it. I think it's very pretty and also very unique!

    Kristin F. in SC

  13. Wow! So nice! I like the colours and a shape of the it!


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