Thursday, September 24, 2009

Provisional Cast-On

Aha! I have discovered a wonderful solution to lots of problems and an alternative to the moebius challenge. is a great place to see how stuff is done, and I have used it before to learn new stuff.
What I am liking about this provisional cast-on is that the stitches are formed on another cable needle, so when I am finished with the knitting on the working needle I can join the stitches using the famed Kitchener stitch and have an invisible seam. Yipes! How great is that? This way I can avoid putting hundreds of stitches on the as yet unpurchased 60" long cable needle. I can make my moebius as a long strip, give it a twist and knit the stitches together at the end of my length.


  1. Perfect solution!

  2. Well there you go. An simple, yet elegant solution :)

  3. I l.o.v.e. the provisional cast on! I too figured out the moebius "trick" using a provisional cast on. Friends say it's cheating, I say if the end result is the same, why not do it the quickest, easiest way?!

  4. Don't tell anyone and they can't accuse you of cheating...which I don't think it is.


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