Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The End of Annoyance

This is our yard light. It goes on automatically and glares, not glows, into our lives and prevents us from having sweet darkness. It is so bright that it almost obscures the stars. Since we chose to live in the faroutwayaway country, we want to see the stars at night. And have a candlelight dinner on the porch, or in the dining room for that matter, but even when the drapes are closed, that d*mn light intrudes.
So when I was paying my electric bill online, I notices a Contact Us page, and I asked if this light could be turned off (we pay for this annoyance!) and they sent out MY HERO yesterday.
It took less than five minutes to remove!
I am so happy.
We had a wonderful sunset dinner** with candles on the porch.
And then retired to have a bonfire. These last two pictures are from Dave's Coolpix 5600 which has a super duper flash, making nighttime look like day.
**Our dinner was Vermicelli with Basil-Garlic butter
This is so good I have to share.

I made a mistake and bought unsalted butter, so of course I had to use it for this basil butter. One stick of unsalted butter, two cloves of garlic, a handful of basil leaves, no stems, and a half teaspoon of kosher salt. And as a second thought a few gluggs of EVOO. Whirl in the processor.
Use this to top pasta or bread or potato soup or whatever! I did sprinkle parmesan cheese on it when I put it on our pasta. Deeelicious!
What makes me happy about this is that I can freeze this without the rest of the pesto ingredients and add them fresh at the time of use. No parmesan or nuts in this mix and yet the flavor was superb, and the basil stayed green.


  1. But what is EVOO?

  2. Diane9:59 AM

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    Welcome to the darkness! Isn't it lovely?

  3. Good for you--getting rid of that security light. I'll take the stars anyday!

  4. Hurray for good customer service! It must be so nice to have the darkness around you. You look very happy... and just a tad mellow!

  5. Light can be pollution, too! It causes problems for birds and insects, apart from disturbing humans. Good that you had that changed.

  6. Good for you on the light! Just say "no" to light pollution.
    The basil pesto sounds yummy!

  7. I grew up in the country on a farm with a big security light. It seemed perfectly normal then but now that I live in my own house in the woods. No light. Total darkness & I'm loving it. Glad to hear you are too!

  8. Good for you!
    I wish we could do this for the streetlight in front of our house, just make a call and have it removed. It stays on all night and is that bright that I regularly think I left the lights on downstairs and go down (again) the stairs to check.

  9. Light at night is pollution. Not only does it disrupt our enjoyment of nighttime nature, it's one of the reasons for the decline of fireflies, among other creatures.


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