Monday, August 03, 2009

Our Trip to IKEA

Believe it or not, we got all of this into my van. Of course the loft bed and table are in flat packs, but still, it was a lot of furniture all at once.
Our usual three hour one way trip was considerably longer on the way back home. An hour longer in fact, and we just sat in traffic forever, a rare occurance here in these hills. For some reason the border between Georgia and Tennessee gets super crowded and things move like molasses in January.
We both were in need of an urgent haircut so I exited the freeway into some unknown neighborhood and just kept driving north and west until things finally began to look familiar. We found a gas station and stopped for relief, but it had only one unisex facility and a line of guys were ahead of us, so we hopped back into the car and drove til we found another gas station.
Then it began to rain, buckets and buckets and we had another hour left of driving. People at home were waiting for their dinners and we were still getting there. It was tense.
Finally arriving safe and sound was lovely and I let down my strong front and admitted I was sick as a dog. A hot shower and straight to bed, shivering and coughing.
I spent the entire day Sunday in bed and now I feel back to normal again.
Monday arrives and we await the call from the apartment complex as to what day is move-in day. People are getting restless...


  1. Love the red couch! That table interests me. May I ask its purpose? Would it work as a sewing table? I ask because I've just moved within striking distance of an Ikea myself & am trying to put together my own sewing/creating spot. Thanks!

  2. hope you shake your bug soon.

  3. That sounds awful. Plus, you were at Ikea on a SATURDAY. That's something I always try to avoid. Hope you're feeling better and everyone is settling.

  4. I don't mean to be nosy, but...where was Brooke's husband and Dave?? Couldn't they have helped with the drive, etc.??? :)

  5. Colleen,
    We had removed the back seats from the van to be able to hold the load we intended to buy. There would have been no room for men, plus it was a girls day out. We had fun until the traffic jam.

  6. Gotcha :) Hope you're feeling better. BTW, love the couch!

  7. May I recommend the lingonberries from Ikea? We make lingonberry runs every couple of months. Yum.

  8. We bought one of those loft beds from Ikea when my grandson came to live with us. Unfortunately, we didn't think about measuring to make sure the bed wasn't too tall. Once we ended up sawing off the bottoms of the legs, we LOVED the loft bed!


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