Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Sister lives in Chattanooga

And now that she does I am learning so much more about the town. I have a reason to go there more often and she has already taught me how to use the interstate to my advantage. What used to take me one hour and twenty minutes has now been cut down to one hour and five.

Before I got to her apartment I needed to visit McKay Used Book store which is an amazingly wonderful place. I learned how to stay on the interstate until I came to the just the right exit and was there in a twinkling, compared to winding down always congested roads. McKay’s has a great set-up, kinda like a library. One can buy books, read them at leisure and return them for a reduced refund. I got a bunch last week, read them and returned them and got a bunch more. Like 15! Some were as little as 50 cents and others as much as $5. I found a new writer (John Lescroart) to collect and got his whole series, minus three, but certainly enough to distract me from housework and art making for a long time.

Brooke lives right smack dab in the best shopping area, and right behind her is the on ramp to the interstate which of course takes us everywhere in town and also to Knoxville and Atlanta. Yesterday we planned to go to the evening Choo Choo quilters meeting after a brief foray to TJMaxx, so I could replace my frying pan with a new one and maybe get some new sandals. She and her husband were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary, and shopping was primo with them too, so off we went. She knows a backdoor shortcut, which means never having to drive on the busiest streets…Fantastic! I got what I wanted and she got her hoped for ottoman/coffee table. We were both way happy.

The weather started getting dark and stormy looking and I decided that going to the quilt meeting in a possible storm and then getting back home late in the dark and rain was suddenly unappealing, so I bid them adieu and got back on the interstate and zipped right home. We’ll try again next month.

One other thing…I never call anyone, being phone-averse, but I now have my sister’s number on redial on all my phones, and just hit one button to summon her. It doesn’t need to be anything important, but just to be able to so easily hear her voice is wonderful. Again, way happy.


  1. How's the adorable niece doing in her new school? I keep wondering.,

  2. Marcia4:01 PM

    I want to live near my sister :( She's in AZ and I'm in NY :(

  3. Kathy4:40 PM

    It's great that your sister is living so close to you now. It sounds like you were lonely and didn't even realize it until you no longer are.

  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Oh my....I was born in Chattanooga, my hometown!...
    I left there in 1979...i was living at the Cameron hill apts..
    I believe the apts are still showing in this picture...
    They were torn down a while back to make room for the Blue cross buildings....I hated to hear that!..I have longed to go back and see all the changes ...
    Been in canada for 23 years now...
    So wonderful that you live near your sis!...enjoy..

  5. Brooke is a fast study if she knows her way around so well this quickly.

  6. Sounds like you're having a blast -enjoy the family reunion. Long may it last!

  7. You are SO blessed to have a sister. My Mom's only sister died at age 2 of pneumonia and I only have brothers. I would have loved to have a sister to share things with.
    Cherish each and every moment!

  8. The adorable niece (my daughter) is doing very well at her new school, thank you veddy much. The only wrinkle is that she has to get up at 5 am! But school gets out at 2:15, so that is earlier. She'll get used to it or decide she could possibly shower at night instead...

  9. Pardon me boys.. is that the Chatanooga choo choo??? She hums as she admires the vista of chattanooga and the yummy looking berries!

  10. John Lescroart lives in Davis California. I tried to talk you into moving here, but you were not having any of it. SEE. Now don't you wish you lived here. You could rub elbows with him. :0)

  11. Dear Divagirl,
    I WANTED to live in CA as my first choice, but it was way too expensive. So I got my mountains and waterfront property here instead, for a fraction of the cost.


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