Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I was putting bills in the mailbox and decided since I was already down by the road I would take a look at our orchard. Or our weeds, really. Surprise, surprise, we have blueberries. And these are actually tasty, compared to the ones we picked in previous summers here. I guess it was all the rain, or the coddling of the surrounding overgrowth that allowed these to plump up and sweeten.

Lots and lots of ripe berries were within easy reach so I returned to the house for my camera and a bowl. Luckily for me I am not allergic to ragweed and not adverse to swatting away a few spiders to get at the fruit. Before long I had two pints, by my estimation.

Walking along to rest of the orchard, I visited the few trees that are still alive. The majority of the others died after being continually uprooted by Spring flooding. There is no soil worth growing fruit here, other than that brought in by the previous owner, which wasn't enough to sustain the shallow roots for long. Still we have a few hardy specimens including this Hosui Asian Pear. For some wonderful reason the pests aren't interested and we get edible, juicy fruit.

One of our trees has two apples on it!

Amazing, since it is growing in the back row, mostly out of direct sun for most of the day. Didn't anyone notice the huge hill loaded with shade providing trees behind this site when they planted here?

One looks good enough to eat, or paint first and then eat.


  1. You had me at "blueberries". Are there pancakes in your future???? Yummy.

  2. My thought exactly - paint 'em 1st, then eat 'em!

  3. ooooh fresh apples off the tree taste like no other apples. You are making me homesick for the Annapolis Valley, NS (a fruit/veggie growing region). Not quite the same buying the apples at the store now I live on the Prairies.

  4. Pammyfay10:08 PM

    I have no doubt that a painting based on the still life of berries-and-pear will come soon! (Can't wait!)

    Also, there's something quite beautiful about the photo of the tree with 2 apples.

    What beautiful--and tasty--inspiration you have all around you now!


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