Monday, August 31, 2009

Life's Good Questions
I read The Empress of Dirt blog and these questions were featured on her blog, which allowed the reader to provide her own answers. I always think it's a good idea to know what you believe, feel or think. What would you answer? These are mine.
1. What's your favourite virtue?
2. What's vice do you most despise?
3. What are you most willing to forgive?
4. What's your most marked characteristic?
Industry, but I am working on sloth
5. What are you most afraid of?
Losing my cognitive abilities
6. What quality do you most like in a man?
7. What's the quality do you most like in a woman?
Good humor
8. What do you most value about your friends?
Honest intimacy
9. What's your principal defect?
10. What's your favourite occupation?
11. What's your dream of happiness?
I am living it.


  1. hmmmm. we match on many of the answers! Especially the working on sloth! LOL! I think it's great that you are living your dream... so many aren't.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    This is great - I'll put it on my list of to do's!

    What makes me happiest about your answers is that you are living your dream of happiness!

  3. Love your answer to number 11. Glad your happy.

  4. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Infidelity??? Really. Interesting. Thoughtful questions. I like that.

  5. I found "infidelity" interesting, too. Seems like that's a combination of dishonesty - the thing you most despise - and a lack of dependability - your favorite virtue. The answer's to life's questions are slippery, aren't they? I think my answers to some of these questions would change almost daily. Hmmmm...Does that mean I'm flexible, or undependable? Or both?

    One thing I know for sure: I've got sloth covered!


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