Sunday, August 30, 2009


My new shoes, the dorkiest pair ever purchased by me, are a result of shopping with my sister and niece Glory yesterday. Brooke had to introduce me to Ross, which seems like a relative of TJMaxx or Marshall's, and I am all for those kind of stores. Both girls convinced me that these were so cute and I should buy them. My feet said YES! We likey, so I did.
The homemade shortie socks just make the ensemble, no?
When we get together it is usually a mix of shopping and eating with the Rumdum high on the list of important stops. But this time we had stuff to unload at the Rumdum and did not venture forth inside. Since Brooke recently received the rest of her household goods from Singapore, and has been weeding through them, I got to look over them first, before donating them. It is amazing how much alike we are. Since I am 18 years older than her and in our whole lives we have only lived together a few months, one wonders how much like sisters we could possibly be?
A lot.
Little plastic containers? Can't resist them. So now I have hers. Knives, in multiples? Yes. Not to mention multiple pairs of scissors and rotary cutters. Eek.
At the stores we visited, we both spent a long time in the bed aisle. What is it about women and bedding? Brooke says it's nesting. Well, I guess. But I must say we have the nesting instinct in spades. More bedspreads, quilts, comforters, pillows and sheets than necessary by a long shot.
I came home with a set of pink sheets, donated by Glory who is so over pink.


  1. I love the shoes and it goes without saying I love the socks. What brand are the shoes?

  2. What matters most is proper walking. And if they look so lovely and with a pinch of good humor, I couldn't have resisted either!

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    they look comfy! ANd the socks - awesome!

  4. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I think the shoes look great & they also look comfortable. How can you go wrong. Nice sox.

    Rhonda M.

  5. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I love your shoes and think they are very "today." In the hippie section of my town, I've seen similar shoes a lot on young and old alike. They expecially look cute on your feet because you have dainty feet. I've tried on similar shoes on my sz 10 feet and I decided it was useless for me to ever think I would be cute. Oh well.


  6. I guess I really am your BIg Sis.
    Scissors -- you can never have to many, at least 6 pair in the kitchen and I won't even count the number in the sewing, knitting area, and then of course all over the house for other uses.
    Bedding - well I think I have more sheets than just about anyone - when you find Ralph Lauren sheets from $1 to $6.99 you buy out the store!!!!!!!

  7. Shirley B1:48 PM

    Over the years of reading your blog (and taking 3 or 4 classes from you), hearing about you and your sister and seeing pictures of her and learning that she is your "half sister" and that there is an 18 year difference AND that you only lived together a few is absolutely amazing how similar the two of you even look like each other. Genes...amazing! (And it is so wonderful how much you enjoy each other!)

  8. Hey - I LOVE the shoes. Could be b/c it's the only "style" that my feet can handle anymore, but they do show off quirky socks! :-)

  9. Shirley B, I didn't mean to make anyone think that Brooke is my half-sister. She is my full sister.
    We have the same parents, but she had to live with my mom's second husband, while I had to live with her first. Neither father had much to do with our upbringing.
    I was married for the first time at 19 and Brooke was only one then.

  10. Hey, gal, those are my shoes. Just bought a pair just like these at Bass Pro. Mine are Crocs and a size 9 BTW. And, are they just the shoe in which to show off our great hand knit sox??????
    Love these shoes.

  11. ShirleyB11:38 PM

    Sorry for the misunderstanding; thanks for straightening me out! The similarities are still amazing and it's still wonderful that you enjoy each other so much!

  12. Great shoes! Wish we had Ross stores in Minneapolis...

  13. Dorkiness must be in the eye of the beholder, because those shoes rock! LOVE the rainbow socks, too, cause that's how I roll!

  14. I have the same shoes and love them. I got mine at Goodwill last fall--never worn! See 'em here:

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